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Beyond Swim Lessons

Teaching swim lessons and coaching competitive swimming, while similar, are approached in different ways. In competitive swimming, it is not required that everyone have had at least some form of lessons, but it is recommended. In swim lessons, teachers will mostly be focusing on getting kids comfortable and acquainted with the water. They will also teach children basic skills such as floating, putting their faces in the water, holding their breath, kicking, and jumping in the water, among others. Swim … Continue reading

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When Jim starts his workday at 6:00 a.m., he turns on his computer, and starts the SmartParks program. He scans the list of new and open work requests. He prioritizes and assigns work orders to specific crews, but the bulk of the routine work, such as the mowing and cleaning, are already in the hands of his crew chiefs. He can look at what tasks were finished yesterday, and how many open work requests each crew has. When a new … Continue reading

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Coach the Coach

In the world of youth sports, good coaches can be hard to come by. Many leagues believe they lack the knowledge and means necessary to attract and retain good coaches, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By using a training program that covers all the pertinent topics in coaching youth sports, finding -– and keeping –- the best youth sports coaches doesn’t have to be a challenge. “You don’t have to be an NFL Pro Bowler to coach … Continue reading

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Reaping Rewards

I love to read. I read before bed. I read in the evening after homework is completed and I have a little extra time. Sometimes in the summer, after I finish the lawn I pour a big glass of lemonade and sit in the shade at the picnic table and read while the breezes cool me down and the birds are singing away. Sometimes I have two or three books going at the same time, but usually it’s just one. … Continue reading

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