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The Winning Edge

With proper programming and
design assessments, competitive
and leisure facilities can co-exist
successfully under one roof.
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As awareness of the operational costs of pools has deepened, helped along by years of rising utility costs, an increasing number of municipalities, YMCAs, and swim clubs have joined forces to build aquatic centers that can accommodate both competitive events and recreational activities. Fortunately, the understanding of natatorium-design efficiencies has also deepened. Satisfying all stakeholders in such an arrangement is a matter of solid design principles and sensitive scheduling and management, with both architects and administrators keeping the specific needs … Continue reading

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Reprogramming Irrigation

Photos Courtesy Of R.A. Smith National

Approximately one-third of the world’s 7-billion people live in areas experiencing a water shortage. Equally shocking is that only 1 percent of the world’s limited water supply is potable, or suitable for human consumption. And approximately one-third of that domestic water supply is used for watering landscapes. So how does the worldwide water shortage affect how we as irrigation-design professionals, contractors, and citizens handle irrigation today and into the future? Despite the seriousness of worldwide water shortages, landscaped green spaces … Continue reading

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Make a Splash with Minimal Cash

Photos Courtesy Of Hitchcock Design Group

Splash pads offer fun and unique water experiences that are safe, compact, and relatively inexpensive compared to those at other aquatic facilities. The pads have become wildly popular even in challenging climates because of the minimal investment and space required. While most agencies are careful to spend public money wisely, it is important to look at short-term costs, long-term costs, and the value returned to the public for basic support items, the system itself, and experiential items in deciding about … Continue reading

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Aquatic Management Training

Photos Courtesy Of Kimberly Washington

As a decentralized aquatic operation within a large urban recreation and parks department, swimming pools must be operated with a seasonal pool-management team consisting of a manager, assistant manager, and a senior guard. Before budget reductions forced the city of Sacramento, Calif., to close a number of neighborhood pools, the department operated 22 aquatic facilities during the summer. In 2013, it operated eight swimming pools and five stand-alone wading pools. A large number of municipal parks and recreation organizations operate … Continue reading

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Cleanliness Counts

Many park and recreation managers involved with facility maintenance know that when it comes to cleaning, restrooms are a center of complaints. However, a recent poll of  managers of all types of facilities by a leading professional cleaning magazine found that some of these complaints are actually quite basic and can often be remedied fairly easily.* For instance, at the top of the complaint list was empty soap and towel dispensers. Many park and recreation locations have done away with … Continue reading

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