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Washing Water

Photos Courtesy of Clark County Wetlands Park

Located just 7 miles east of the famous Las Vegas Strip, the Clark County Wetlands Park is a 2,900-acre preserve designed to protect and enhance wetlands for wildlife habitat, environmental education, recreation, and water quality. At the park’s core is the 210-acre nature preserve, which opened in 2001. Here, in the midst of the Mojave Desert, visitors can expect unique experiences as they explore trails winding among numerous streams, ponds, and wooded habitats, with stunning views of adjacent Frenchman Mountain … Continue reading

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Top 10 Trends In Recreation Restrooms

Photos Courtesy of TMP Architecture, Inc.

While beautiful, updated fitness equipment, a newly finished gym floor, a bright welcome desk, or a spacious running track are certainly exciting changes for a new or renovated recreation center, what consideration has been given to the less-glamorous amenities of restrooms and changing stations? These spaces see the most traffic in the facility, and their condition can leave a lasting impression with guests. The following list outlines ideas for when your facility’s restrooms are in need of some TLC or … Continue reading

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Mitigating Murky Water

Photos Courtesy Of The Chicago Park District

As one of the largest park systems in the country, the Chicago Park District continues to set its sights on ways to maintain water quality at its 26 miles of lakefront, 24 beaches, and 10 harbors. Through a number of initiatives that prevent pollution and work to protect public health, the efforts seem to be paying off, as there has been a reduced number of swim bans and swim advisories at the beaches.  Water quality is generally impacted by weather, … Continue reading

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Planning Paradise

Photos: Courtesy of Sarasota County

It has been named the best beach in the United States and is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.  In fact, SiestaKeyBeach, located in SarasotaCounty on southwest Florida’s GulfCoast, will have many improvements as the county oversees a spectacular renovation of the beach’s park facilities over the next 2 years.  Active And Attractive Named “America’s Best Beach” in 2011 by beach expert “Dr. Beach” (scientist Stephen Leatherman), Siesta … Continue reading

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Spray Play In America


These structures have many different names—spray grounds, spray parks, sprinkler pads, water parks, splash pads, or any mix of the above. No matter the name, spray grounds have continued to gain popularity over the last decade. While spray grounds are most commonly found in public park and recreation agencies, the private sector has begun building spray grounds, which are usually found in campgrounds, YMCAs, commercial water parks, hotels and resorts, and community subdivisions.  Benefits For All The community benefits of … Continue reading

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