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Listen, Create, Construct!

The indoor pavilion also can accommodate trade shows, reunions, weddings, banquets, fundraisers, and other special events.
Photo By Dorian’s Photography

As many people can attest, building a successful sports and events complex has its challenges. Among the toughest decisions are where the money will come from, which amenities should be included, and how to ensure the complex will be successful. All of these questions can be answered with a little research. Oftentimes, when building a complex that costs millions of dollars, the decision even to move forward can be overwhelming. The city of Kennewick in Washington was in dire need … Continue reading

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Finance Fur-Friendly Spaces

Photos Courtesy Jonathan Rudie

It seems that every day I receive calls or emails from another sports-enthusiast group, requesting space or accommodations for its particular recreational pursuit. So when I received a request three years ago for an off-leash dog park, it seemed reasonable enough. The KenoshaCounty park system had a number of suitable areas where a dog park could be built; the issue was how to pay for the construction and operating costs. After a bit of research, the parks division developed an … Continue reading

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Partnering To Fill Tennis Courts

The number-one rule in creating partnerships is to make sure both parties have similar visions and missions. 
Photos courtesy of Jacksonville Youth Tennis Association

As budgets tighten and employees are either let go or work fewer hours, parks and recreation departments find themselves trying to provide important community services with scarce resources. One way an agency can continue to maintain its level of service is through partnerships with other community-minded organizations. And when it comes to tennis, there is an easy way to partner and keep the courts filled with players of all ages. It’s time to join up with a local Community Tennis … Continue reading

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Making The Most Of It

With synthetic turf, portable mounds can be moved on and off the field as needed. 
Photos Courtesy Of Stance

As expected, the neighborhood known as Battery Park City along the southwestern edge of Lower Manhattan puts a premium on space. The 92-acre community comprises residential areas, high-rise commercial buildings, and various businesses and community resources. Amidst this urban density, the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA), which manages the area, has incorporated open and park space wherever possible. In fact, more than a third of the area’s land is dedicated to parks, gardens, plazas, athletic fields, and other open Obtain … Continue reading

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Knowledge Is Power; Share Your Knowledge on Field Maintenance

Sports field maintenance is hard work, but the rewards are awesome.

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Keeping sports turf safe, playable and looking good is a lot like playing golf; you can do things right 99 percent of the time but one little error and (in golf) the ball will go astray and (in maintenance) the fields will look as if you weren’t really trying. To make it more difficult, your patrons are bombarded with images of lightly trafficked, big budget, well maintained college and professional fields and often assume their local fields should look the … Continue reading

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