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Adding It All Up

Renderings Courtesy of Stanmar Inc.

Many youth centers experience the same set of problems: too little, poorly configured program space, and noncompliance with standards for accessibility or safety. And most of these problems have the same root cause, which in the case of the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club can be summed up in two numbers: 1960 and 80. Respectively, that’s the year the club was built, and the number of members it served at that time. These days, the club has more than 700 … Continue reading

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Rustic Does Not Equal Rundown

Illustration: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / clairev

Having spent many years in the park industry, I have encountered some common beliefs held by park owners when it comes to campgrounds. In speaking with Evanne Schmarder, host of the RV Cooking Show and co-author of Unconventional Wisdom Works, here are some of the more popular myths appearing in the industry: Myth 1: A campground is a seasonal business. Yes, the doors are open 6 months, more or less, but the use of the off-season period is critical to … Continue reading

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Planning The Perfect Waterpark

Photo Courtesy Of Counsilman Hunsaker

Rather than traditional flat-water rectangular pools, stimulating waterparks are becoming the norm for today’s recreational aquatic experience. Once the decision has been made to build a mini, medium, or destination waterpark, several key items should be considered before starting construction. What is your budget?  What do you want to include in the waterpark? How much land do you need? What will it cost to operate? Will it make money?   Defining Success For private developers, the definition of success is simple—to … Continue reading

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Contracting For Maintenance Services


In recent years, most parks and recreation agencies have had to deal with the economic realities of reduced revenue and higher personnel costs. On the recreation side, program fees and charges can be revised, and/or programs can be eliminated or given to other service providers to close budget shortfalls. However, on the parks side—which is charged with maintaining the amenities, facilities, and landscape—raising additional revenue can be problematic. As a result, many agencies either are considering or have started to … Continue reading

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On A Wing And A Prairie

Many areas of the prairie are composed of native grasses from existing seed banks that have long been dormant. 
Photo Courtesy Of Fayetteville Parks and Recreation

The Fayetteville-Springdale area around Lake Fayetteville Park in Arkansas is surrounded by tall grass prairie and oak savanna, first encountered by early travelers and settlers more than 2 centuries ago. The historic Butterfield Trail—a 2,800-mile mail route connecting St. Louis to San Francisco—runs through the park. Waterman Ormsby, a correspondent for the New York Herald, wrote about his experience on the trail in 1858: “Even among these hills you do not lose site of the prairie nature of the West; … Continue reading

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