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Hey, Mama!

Writer’s Note: I know this is a terrible way to begin, but before I get this article rolling, let me issue a few disclaimers. Disclaimer #1: I’m a new mom. This means I’ve been brainwashed by months of hormones, hundreds of tiny pairs of blue socks, many sleepless nights, and countless beautiful smiles from my self-proclaimed “world’s cutest baby” into thinking that the world now revolves around this little person who has recently rocked my universe. While my “new-mommy-tunnel-vision” probably … Continue reading

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Aquatic Safety Audits

How many times have you visited a swimming pool, water park, or beachfront and noticed the lifeguards on duty? What about their appearance made you realize they were there protecting the guests? Was it the shirt, the hat, the whistle, the big red tube they were carrying, or just the way they kept telling everyone to stop running? A quick list of the equipment that every lifeguard must have includes: • A whistle for communication • Glare-resistant sunglasses • A … Continue reading

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A Simple Philosophy

During my 20 years in the parks and recreation industry, I’ve seen the benefits of sound recreational sports programs within a community. I’ve also seen the opposite, in which programs become harmful to the development of their participants and compel children–at a young age–to drop out of team sports altogether. Why are some programs detrimental while others promote sound fundamentals, teamwork, and fair play? There are many variables that contribute to the development of a well-rounded and confident athlete, all … Continue reading

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CT Entertainment Showcase

You want to entertain your parks and recreation patrons. But it isn’t always easy to find great musicians and artists, is it? The Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association can help: Their 22nd annual Entertainment Showcase features lots of great acts looking for bookings. The showcase will take place March 1 at Ocean Beach-Port N’ Starboard, 98 Neptune Ave., New London, Ct. The daylong event offers those who book entertainers and musicians an opportunity to view a variety of quality acts. … Continue reading

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The Senior Sector

Life experiences define individuality. The older adult population (age 50 years and beyond as defined by AARP) also carries an attachment to historical events; these experiences carry through the remainder of their lives and affect the choices they make. What Shapes A Senior? Take into consideration the impact of historical events such as the Great Depression (1929), the repeal of Prohibition (1933), the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941), the Space Race (1957), the Civil Rights Movement (1965) and Women’s Movement … Continue reading

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