The Anatomy Of A Splash Pad

Photos Courtesy of Cloward H2O

Because splash pads and spray decks provide wet entertainment with relatively low maintenance, they are a popular option for cities, homeowners’ associations, retail developments, and even private residences. A splash pad consists of one or more deck areas fitted with a combination of various nozzles and may include above-ground “spray toys,” (umbrellas, flowers, hydrants, tipping buckets, etc.) intermittently spraying, squirting, dumping, or gushing—while kids of all ages dash from feature to feature, thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Although the completed water feature … Continue reading

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Get Info On The Go With Turf Advisor Having trouble telling buttonweed from buttercup? Don’t know nutsedge from kyllinga? Need instant solutions to weed problems while on the job? You can now be as smart as your smart phone with Turf Advisor by FMC. Providing instant mobile access to a wealth of weed and herbicide information, the new mobile optimized tool allows turf professionals to search its herbicide database, connect with regional market specialists and distributors and properly identify weeds—all … Continue reading

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October Pump Up! — Publisher’s Note

This is the time of year we start to hear about all the innovations parks and recreation vendors have been working on. New ads for these products and services hit the pages of our magazine. New exhibit booths are designed. New special events are planned and announced. It seems the whole industry is on fire with possibility.   One of those possibilities is the ongoing rise of pump tracks and bike parks—an evolution of the skate park concept that hit … Continue reading

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Gaining Momentum

Photo Courtesy of American Ramp Company

Many marvel at the fact that you don’t even have to pedal to make it around the track. In fact, it defies logic as well as the name—the pump track. “They just keep going and never stop,” said Tim Whitley, Public Works Director for the city of Malakoff, Texas. “It’s not like they have to push themselves. They just cruise. I didn’t know they would pick up momentum like that.” The 20-foot-wide U-shaped concrete pump track was recently installed as … Continue reading

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Can’t Go Back

Friday night lights.

In 2007, my elder son graduated from high school and rode a partial football scholarship into his first year of college. As proud as I was, I hated to see him go. We had been spoiled by the cozy, autumn-colored spectacle of high school football. Our hometown version of “Friday Night Lights” had allowed us to rekindle that warm, fall feeling my wife and I had both known so well as teens. I began to realize in his last year that our addiction to … Continue reading

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Heyer Park

Heyer Park is the village square, located in the heart of Walworth. There are a number of shade trees and benches to relax. This park also hosts various food “fests” which are a great summer tradition that support the local [...] More