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Create A Glow Without The Glare

Here are some tips for creating beautiful outdoor lighting. Courtesy Of Architectural Engineering Design Group

Outdoor lighting is important for safety, security, comfort, and aesthetics. Good lighting enhances building- and landscape-design features while providing security at night. Following are three important ideas to consider when designing lighting for outdoor areas: Create Drama Outdoor-space design incorporates colors, textures, reasonable way-finding, and a sense of space. Lighting should complement and enhance architectural and landscape design as much as possible. A good rule of thumb in exterior lighting: Carefully choose what you want to light. Lighting everything eliminates … Continue reading

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On The Edge Of Spectacular

The earliest documented swimming pools include the “Great Bath” at Mohenjo-Daro, now Pakistan, pools built for military and athletic training by the ancient Greeks, and the famous Roman baths, built during the occupation of Britain by Emperor Claudius to stabilize and enclose the natural hot springs below. Pools have been a part of human civilization since the 3rd millennium B.C. Modern swimming pools began to appear in Britain as swimming clubs became popular in the mid-19th century. The concept expanded … Continue reading

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More Than A Trend

A move toward performance-based design is changing the way we view landscape architecture.

As a rule, landscape design is preoccupied with aesthetics. The expectation that landscape be Arcadian is so entrenched in American culture that it’s difficult to imagine it any other way. Although essential, the visual appeal of landscape design may need to take a secondary role in an age of increasingly short water supplies and record-breaking weather events. According to a 2007 Dallas Morning News article, 80 percent of the water withdrawn from reservoirs around Dallas-Fort Worth is used for irrigation, … Continue reading

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Light Up The Night

The strange thing about sports facilities–tennis and basketball courts, ball fields, soccer pitches, and others–is that we don’t often think of them as energy-hogging areas. And generally, they’re not, unless we’re talking about a professional-level stadium for baseball, football, etc., which has electronic scoreboards, P.A. systems, concessions, Wi-Fi, and more. In fact, the energy expended in a local or recreational-level facility is mainly that of the athletes. Unless the facilities are lit for night play, that is. While lighting can … Continue reading

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