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Art Imitates Life

Signage can be beautiful, functional and educational. Courtesy Of Don Brigham, Jr.

Early-day sojourners stacked rocks into piles or used an axe to mark a tree to signify to those who traveled later that “This is the direction to follow.” In 1960, urban planner Kevin Lynch coined the term “wayfinding” to define signs and other graphic methods used by travelers to convey location. Although well-designed signage is important, travelers also have a desire to learn more about the location at which they have arrived. This is where interpretive panels come in. Successful … Continue reading

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Revitalizing DeKalb

Pedestrian-friendly streetscapes were key to revitalizing downtown DeKalb, Illinois. Courtesy of Hitchcock Design Group

The objective was clear—to restore downtown DeKalb, Ill., to its former glory as the centerpiece of the community. To be successful, the city formed a revitalization task force and commissioned a study to determine ways to bring economic improvment to this historically important area. Despite the efforts of many, a variety of factors had debilitating effects on the area over the last several decades. An increasing number of local and regional retail competitors in easily accessible locations gave residents new … Continue reading

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Create A Glow Without The Glare

Here are some tips for creating beautiful outdoor lighting. Courtesy Of Architectural Engineering Design Group

Outdoor lighting is important for safety, security, comfort, and aesthetics. Good lighting enhances building- and landscape-design features while providing security at night. Following are three important ideas to consider when designing lighting for outdoor areas: Create Drama Outdoor-space design incorporates colors, textures, reasonable way-finding, and a sense of space. Lighting should complement and enhance architectural and landscape design as much as possible. A good rule of thumb in exterior lighting: Carefully choose what you want to light. Lighting everything eliminates … Continue reading

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Strawberry Bloom Boom

Strawberry plants that look as good as they taste! Photo By Diana Reavis

The Green Light Who says you can’t learn something new? Horticulturally, you can! Strawberries haven’t been much more than a tasty fruit we love to eat, but that is changing now with an impressive new breeding program from ABZ Seed in the Netherlands. Then And Now Strawberry plants have been around for so long because they are easy to grow over a broad range of climates and conditions. Professional fruit growers generally plant the June-bearing forms and generate a giant … Continue reading

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Limber Lumber

On-site sawmills are an economical and efficient way to make use of local timber. Courtesy Of Pony Boy Gilbert, Long Tom Custom Sawmill

When designing a project, there are a number of competing interests. Client wishes, cost, regulations, and creative style all influence the end product. Many projects today include a requirement for environmental performance, whether due to a regulation or a client request, and it’s often assumed that this equates to higher costs. However, when it comes to using wood, there is an opportunity for a project to perform both environmentally and economically. This stems from the use of wood sources milled … Continue reading

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