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Limber Lumber

On-site sawmills are an economical and efficient way to make use of local timber. Courtesy Of Pony Boy Gilbert, Long Tom Custom Sawmill

When designing a project, there are a number of competing interests. Client wishes, cost, regulations, and creative style all influence the end product. Many projects today include a requirement for environmental performance, whether due to a regulation or a client request, and it’s often assumed that this equates to higher costs. However, when it comes to using wood, there is an opportunity for a project to perform both environmentally and economically. This stems from the use of wood sources milled … Continue reading

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Greening Up The Grass

Cut back on your lawn by planting wildflowers and other native plants. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / barsik

Today, driven in part by the loss of environmental quality and diminishing resources, there is a shift toward sustainable practices and a natural (organic) approach to gardening and lawn care in the United States, with implications for the commercial-landscape sector. This transformation is taking place through a government and public that is increasingly focused on carbon emissions and global climate-change concerns. As a result, sustainable practices in the American lawn-dominated landscape are increasingly becoming more mainstream. Working to find alternatives … Continue reading

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Blending In

A California vineyard gets an outdoor-living upgrade. Courtesy Of Fredell Enterprises

Project Portfolio  The Specs: Location: A residential vineyard in Santa Ynez, Calif. Landscape Architects: William Joyce Design, San Diego, Calif. Landscape Contractor: Down To Earth Landscape, Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif. General Contractor: Chavez Construction Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif. Mason: Sean Wooley, San Francisco, Calif. Amenities: The design and construction of this project took six months and includes a new gravel driveway with stone path entry, an olive orchard with winding pathway leading guests to a reservoir, an outdoor wood BBQ … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

“It was done, the way it was done, because that’s how it had to be done.” –John D. Rockefeller, “The Men Who Built America” The gavel came down with a loud “whack,” brought the courtroom crowd to a silence, and damned John Rockefeller and his Standard Oil Company as a monopolistic pariah responsible for much pain and suffering. When asked about his predatory pricing practices, under-the-table payments to politicians, and other bare-knuckle practices common to the day, Rockefeller said, and … Continue reading

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