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An Integrated Site Plan

Central Park in Grand Prairie, Texas, is destined to become a landmark attraction in the community and the North Texas Metroplex. The vision for this 172-acre Blackland Prairie site features a 36-acre lake system as a scenic amenity that addresses regional flooding issues, while collecting and cleansing the storm-water runoff from surrounding suburban neighborhoods. The master plan includes a new public-safety facility and adult-activity center (The Summit) that will anchor the park as a part of the cultural fabric for … Continue reading

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A Positive Distraction

The connection between nature and healing has been known for more than a thousand years. Asian cultures were the first to recognize how lush gardens could induce tranquility and healing. Later, in the Middle Ages, European monasteries featured elaborate gardens to comfort and provide solitude to people under the monks’ care. And even until the late 1800s, U.S. and European hospitals, too, tended private gardens, where patients could sit closer to nature to expedite the natural healing process. By the … Continue reading

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Creating Chemistry

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “Play is the highest form of research.” If that is the case, then our nation’s playgrounds are our most important laboratories. Playgrounds offer children challenge, excitement, and a place for strenuous physical activity that health experts tell us is vitally important. Playgrounds are a place to test physical limits, interact socially in coordinated play, and learn first-hand the implications of the laws of physics. Like most laboratories, playgrounds are risky places, but that is … Continue reading

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