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The sound of laughter brought me into the kitchen. Rounding the corner from the front hall, I found my wife wiping tears from her eyes as she carefully put yet another preschool project into a binder for my daughter’s “Special Box.” “What’s so funny?” “You’ve got to see this,” she said. I walked to the table. All I saw was an indistinct red crayon shape on a piece of plain white copy paper. “Do you know what this is?” she … Continue reading

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Tucked Away

The Specs: Location: Abington, Mass., Residence Designer: Landscape Studio 7 LLC, Zach Beaulieu and Carl Saccone General Contractor: Quarry Brothers Amenities: Built in two days, this project features an outdoor kitchen, outdoor pizza oven, bar, refrigerator, sink and fireplace. The project will be featured on the DIY Network on one of their shows.

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Practical Residential Paving

There are many options for residential paving.

One of the most intriguing aspects of residential-landscape architectural design is the infinite variety of tastes and tasks we encounter. Most clients show us pictures of what types of looks they like, but don’t know if the looks are applicable in their circumstances. It is our job to consider their “wants” in order to best show them how those can be incorporated into a logical, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution. Many homeowners today are fixing up their current house … Continue reading

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The Water-Energy Connection

On November 18, 2010, a directive from New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to the city’s department of parks and recreation stated that each parks-and-recreation center in the city must take significant steps to cut costs–everything from “negotiating with unions to institute furloughs to save cash” and eliminating part-time seasonal jobs to reducing the work year from 12 to nine months. For many departments, this meant they could be essentially closed for part of the year. And New York City … Continue reading

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Natural Grass Or Synthetic Turf?

The good news is that you’re acquiring a new multi-sports field. The bad news is that your desk suddenly resembles a city skyline, with different stacks of brochures and catalogues advertising everything from seed to sod to synthetic turf to maintenance products you never knew existed. Welcome to the decision-making process. It’s nerve-wracking, especially since there’s probably been plenty of input (not all of it useful) from front-office management to end users who want to weigh in on what to … Continue reading

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