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Field Notes

Industry News Aerial Camera Needs Security Clearance Outside U.S. Applied Ecological Services, Inc., with Ayres Associates, has acquired an aerial camera that captures color and near-infrared (NIR) imagery. It will support a wide variety of groundbreaking projects, from engineering grade mapping to environmental assessments and disaster relief projects, and represents the latest crossroads of science, business, and state-of-the-art technology. AES and Ayres represent one of only two organizations in the country to use the camera this way. ——————————————————————————- Re-Use Just … Continue reading

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Native Vs. Nonnative

It's important for landscape architects to look at the ecological impact of their designs and the plants they use. Photo Courtesy Of Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

Today, perhaps more than ever before, there are good reasons for landscape architects and restoration ecologists to join forces in developing basic ecological and design principles that apply in all land-use decisions. While we have come to our professions with different training—one heavily based on design principles, the other heavily based on scientific principles—our aims are often aligned. A shared goal is to create landscapes with ecosystems that are low-maintenance yet aesthetically pleasing, and which provide beneficial services, such as … Continue reading

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