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Build It Better

Brick paving complements natural elements in outdoor designs. Photo Courtesy Of ValleyCrest Companies

Many outdoor spaces are benefiting from striking paver, stone, and brick designs made possible thanks to the creativity of designers and manufacturers. Across the nation, these new ideas create that “wow” factor clients want, without breaking the bank. Whether rough and rugged or refined and elegant, pavers, stone, and brick offer a unique combination of natural beauty and historic style few other building materials can match. Hardscapes built from these materials seem like a more natural part of the environment, … Continue reading

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The Path To Profitability

Green roofs are attractive, ecologically friendly, and can improve a client's bottom line. Photos Courtesy Of American Society Of Landscape Architects

Like many disciplines within the design and planning realm, landscape architecture is starting to rebound after several stagnant years. The recession of 2009 and the subsequent halting recovery were tough on most architectural/engineering (A/E) firms, but it looks like the profession is starting to see growth again. In fact, many landscape architects believe the industry’s recovery will be more rapid than other A/E disciplines. One of the driving forces of the nation’s recovery from “The Great Recession” was a renewed … Continue reading

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Grand Scale

This restored historic fountain is a centerpiece of Los Angeles' Grand Park. Photo Courtesy Of The Music Center

PROJECT: Grand Park LOCATION: Los Angeles, Calif. ARCHITECTS/LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS/FURNITURE DESIGNERS: Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Los Angeles, Calif. SIGNAGE DESIGNERS: Sussman/Prejza, Los Angeles, Calif. AMENITIES: Located in downtown Los Angeles, the new Grand Park offers a green respite for workers and users of the adjacent government buildings, as well as for tourists and residents. Dubbed “The Park for Everyone,” the 12-acre plan features a global pageant of plants that pays tribute to LA’s diverse population. Intermingled with native plantings, species from … Continue reading

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Thin Is In

Tall, thin, and beautiful: "Slender Silhouette" American sweetgum.

The Green Light I love big, beautiful, majestic trees, and who doesn’t? But there are times when a massive Sugar Maple that will grow to 100-plus feet high and 75 feet wide isn’t going to fit. If you need to keep your tree choices narrow, I have some ideas. I’m not talking about small, ornamental, flowering trees; I’m talking about narrow versions of some of our most beloved, majestic trees. Many of the best-performing large trees common to our forests … Continue reading

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Profitable Enterprise

My 16-year-old son is learning the value of a dollar. For him, it’s a tool that buys gas, car insurance, hitting lessons and registrations for baseball camps, tournaments and events. He doesn’t really have an emotional attachment to the almighty dollar and, as of yet, isn’t concerned with having more than he needs on the day he needs it. But, he understands, without it he can’t keep chasing his dream of playing baseball in college and beyond. Here at our … Continue reading

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