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Roll Out The Pink Carpet

These aren't just petunias-- they're "Supertunias"! Photo Courtesy of Jesse Hensen

One of the most dramatic statements a landscape architect can make in a large area—whether residential or commercial—is a broad swath of bright color that lasts from spring to fall. One just can’t get that from trees, shrubs, or perennials. This is a job for Supertunias! Supertunia is the brand name for a specific group of petunias that have been bred for heat tolerance, disease resistance, and vigorous mounding-growth habits. They are part of a line of superior-performing annuals from … Continue reading

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Thin Is In

Tall, thin, and beautiful: "Slender Silhouette" American sweetgum.

The Green Light I love big, beautiful, majestic trees, and who doesn’t? But there are times when a massive Sugar Maple that will grow to 100-plus feet high and 75 feet wide isn’t going to fit. If you need to keep your tree choices narrow, I have some ideas. I’m not talking about small, ornamental, flowering trees; I’m talking about narrow versions of some of our most beloved, majestic trees. Many of the best-performing large trees common to our forests … Continue reading

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Strawberry Bloom Boom

Strawberry plants that look as good as they taste! Photo By Diana Reavis

The Green Light Who says you can’t learn something new? Horticulturally, you can! Strawberries haven’t been much more than a tasty fruit we love to eat, but that is changing now with an impressive new breeding program from ABZ Seed in the Netherlands. Then And Now Strawberry plants have been around for so long because they are easy to grow over a broad range of climates and conditions. Professional fruit growers generally plant the June-bearing forms and generate a giant … Continue reading

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Plants? Yeah, We’ve Got A Guy For That

Burgundy Fireworks. Photo by Jesse Hensen

Editor’s Note: Landscape Architect Business (LAB) welcomes Jesse Hensen of Eason Horticultural Resources Inc., as its new Horticulture Columnist. As you design outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures, I hope you’ll look to Jesse for insider know-how. After all, everyone has “a guy” … Consider Jesse your guy for all-things horticultural. This is my first contribution as the new horticultural columnist for Landscape Architect Business (LAB), and I am excited to be here! I’d like to share more about myself. I … Continue reading

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