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Garden Fun

We still have flakes of snow in the air here on the shores of Lake Erie, but we have seen just enough spikes in temperature and breaks in the clouds to get me and my three youngest daughters excited about this summer’s backyard garden. Each year, we sit down and take a look at what worked well the year before (very successful carrot crop–as in too successful) and what didn’t work as well (we seem to be the only people … Continue reading

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Profitable Enterprise

My 16-year-old son is learning the value of a dollar. For him, it’s a tool that buys gas, car insurance, hitting lessons and registrations for baseball camps, tournaments and events. He doesn’t really have an emotional attachment to the almighty dollar and, as of yet, isn’t concerned with having more than he needs on the day he needs it. But, he understands, without it he can’t keep chasing his dream of playing baseball in college and beyond. Here at our … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

“It was done, the way it was done, because that’s how it had to be done.” –John D. Rockefeller, “The Men Who Built America” The gavel came down with a loud “whack,” brought the courtroom crowd to a silence, and damned John Rockefeller and his Standard Oil Company as a monopolistic pariah responsible for much pain and suffering. When asked about his predatory pricing practices, under-the-table payments to politicians, and other bare-knuckle practices common to the day, Rockefeller said, and … Continue reading

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Strange Plants

The jolly man on his favorite toy—a souped-up riding lawn mower—waved to me and jammed the mower into gear. With a slight gnashing of gears, he dropped the tines of the rear-facing rototiller and began to carve a half-acre plot out of my Wisconsin back yard. My mom smiled at the sight of progress, turned and went back inside to do her “mom” things. My brothers and I climbed the nearby oak tree and watched our football field disappear beneath … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Note: Pointers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day – a busy day in our home as we honor the three women in our family who make life special. Fresh off the hugs, kisses, and reminiscing that takes place on this special day, I sat down in my chair, flipped to the first story I needed to proof, and started reminiscing again. I couldn’t help it. Our intrepid John Kneer had written a compelling overview of an ambitious project he recently completed for the city … Continue reading

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