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Contracting For Maintenance Services


In recent years, most parks and recreation agencies have had to deal with the economic realities of reduced revenue and higher personnel costs. On the recreation side, program fees and charges can be revised, and/or programs can be eliminated or given to other service providers to close budget shortfalls. However, on the parks side—which is charged with maintaining the amenities, facilities, and landscape—raising additional revenue can be problematic. As a result, many agencies either are considering or have started to … Continue reading

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Guarantee Animal Encounters

Photo Courtesy of Quinta Mazatlan

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Tanzania in East Africa and view the famous Serengeti annual migration, the largest and longest overland migration on earth. In earlier times, visitors brought home trophies of the “Big 5,” but fortunately today most leave with only photographs of the beautiful African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros, and lion. The first stop in Tanzania was an inner-city park designed to educate the local children and families on the importance of protecting … Continue reading

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Make A Healthy Plate

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Res_Art

Whether conquering a fear of heights by trying the high ropes, swimming in a lake for the first time, or tasting a new food, camp is a place for kids to learn, grow, and experience new adventures. At Camp Ho Mita Koda in Newbury, Ohio, campers do all those things, plus learn how to count carbohydrates, check their own blood sugar, and give themselves their own shot of insulin. Camp Ho Mita Koda is the oldest camp in the nation … Continue reading

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Online Resources Catalogues Projects


Phaidon Press, the publisher of books on the visual arts, is delighted to launch Phaidon Atlas: Architecture for Architects  (, the online resource for the best contemporary architecture, spotlighting thousands of projects built in the 21st century. Phaidon Atlas offers users the most in-depth and wide-ranging record of the world’s most interesting architecture. Selected by specialists based across the globe this digital directory includes 3000+buildings (featuring 130,000+ stunning drawings and images) from over 115 countries.  This is the most sophisticated architecture search tool ever designed … Continue reading

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The Hubbub Behind “Happy Birthday”

Hey, what is up with this birthday thing? Birthdays make less sense to me with each passing year. When you’re a kid, you LIVE for birthdays. You get gifts, you do the old bring-cupcakes-into-school-for-the-big-“sing-to”-thing, and Grandma slips a real $20 bill into a card that has clowns and zoo animals on the front long after you turn 10. Your friends put you through the “spanking machine” on the playground—good times, good memories, good birthdays. But somewhere around age 13, you … Continue reading

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