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August List

Treat yourself to experiences that move you at a soul level.

Your Summer (List) Starts Today We’re all familiar with the idea of a bucket list, an individual collection of activities, experiences and accomplishments most of us hope to enjoy before, well, we kick the bucket. The diversity of bucket list items mirrors the variety of lives we lead as humans, but the one commonality all bucket lists share is that they’re created with an eye toward the life that’s yet to come, the ‘someday’ in life when we have the … Continue reading

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Lightning: Think Like The Animals


Earlier this week, we had a monster thunderstorm roll through our area on the coast of South Carolina. This was a massive system that started from the Gulf of Mexico, went across Florida out into the Atlantic and then curved back to hit the southeastern coast. There was a lot of lightning in the system–the kind that is so close you can hear the sizzle before it lights up and the thunder is less than a three-count away. My wife and I love to … Continue reading

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Advanced Green Architecture Awarded Art Building Project


Advanced Green Architecture (AGA), Grand Rapids, Mich., has been awarded the contract for the green roof system for the University of Iowa’s Art Building Replacement Facility. The new five-story, approximately 126,000-square-foot structure is a LEED Gold certification building topped with the 14,600 square-foot-green roof system that will boast the custom, pre-vegetated sedum mix grown by AGA in their Advanced Green Roof™ system at their nursery. Midwest Green Roof of Arlington Heights, Ill., will perform the green roof installation next spring. The … Continue reading

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Learning To Pack Light

Creative ideas come out of minimalism.

The Virgin airline lost my suitcase, forcing me to buy a week’s worth of clothes and toiletries in Oxford, England. That was an inconvenience, as well as an important reminder to always pack necessities in one’s carry-on luggage. However, the real value in the experience was the requirement that I now conduct four days of staff training workshops without props. Several good books on low-prop or no-prop games exist, but I’ve got enough of those memorized that it’s easy to pull … Continue reading

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Rustic Does Not Equal Rundown

Illustration: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / clairev

Having spent many years in the park industry, I have encountered some common beliefs held by park owners when it comes to campgrounds. In speaking with Evanne Schmarder, host of the RV Cooking Show and co-author of Unconventional Wisdom Works, here are some of the more popular myths appearing in the industry: Myth 1: A campground is a seasonal business. Yes, the doors are open 6 months, more or less, but the use of the off-season period is critical to … Continue reading

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