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Things Looked Better In Black-and-White

Some things are better in black and white.

I may be geezing a bit here, but it seems to me that life looked better in black-and-white. Some Week-Enders may remember when television was all in black-and-white and there were only two or three channels to choose from; there was no CNN, no Internet, and no World Wide Web. The daily broadcast ended at midnight and concluded with the playing of the National Anthem accompanied by uplifting scenes from around America. At the time, black-and-white was the cat’s meow, … Continue reading

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Teeter-Totter Effect

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Balance! That’s my word for the year, or maybe for the next decade. In other words, where is the balance between building character and risking harm; between overcoming challenges and feeling defeated, or, even between having fun and skinning knees? Perhaps it’s the fear of uncertainty—or harm—that paralyzes our efforts and causes us to swing the pendulum drastically in the other direction. Championing risk and safety always has two opposing sides to every discussion—risks vs. opportunities. So, when activities like youth survival or aviation … Continue reading

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Managing Risk

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Managing risk—these are perhaps two of the most dreaded words in a camp director’s dictionary, rivaled only by the nickname, “Fun-Sucker.” From the onset, the very phrase seems to challenge creativity, combat ingenuity, and completely destroy hilarity—all essential ingredients in the recipe for memorable camp experiences. This article will explore some practical applications for applying sound risk-management concepts, while keeping creativity and fun intact. Similar to life in general, camps are not—nor will ever be—risk-free or completely “safe.” In fact, … Continue reading

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August List

Treat yourself to experiences that move you at a soul level.

Your Summer (List) Starts Today We’re all familiar with the idea of a bucket list, an individual collection of activities, experiences and accomplishments most of us hope to enjoy before, well, we kick the bucket. The diversity of bucket list items mirrors the variety of lives we lead as humans, but the one commonality all bucket lists share is that they’re created with an eye toward the life that’s yet to come, the ‘someday’ in life when we have the … Continue reading

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Lightning: Think Like The Animals


Earlier this week, we had a monster thunderstorm roll through our area on the coast of South Carolina. This was a massive system that started from the Gulf of Mexico, went across Florida out into the Atlantic and then curved back to hit the southeastern coast. There was a lot of lightning in the system–the kind that is so close you can hear the sizzle before it lights up and the thunder is less than a three-count away. My wife and I love to … Continue reading

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