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Healthy Competition Is Not An Oxymoron

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As a psychologist who works with schools and camps around the world, I am often asked whether competition is good or bad. Proponents of competition speak fondly of their athletic victories and about wanting the same experiences for the young people they serve. Competition, they say, builds character. It’s a competitive world out there, so we had better prepare our children. Some critics of competition want every child to feel like a winner—always. Or, they want no child to feel … Continue reading

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Triple Threat

Photos Courtesy of the City of Chandler

It would have been easy to break into a panic when the city of Chandler, Ariz., was to host three large-scale events with more than 4,000 attendees at each event in one weekend in October 2013. The events began on Friday night with the 32nd annual Halloween Spooktacular with games, a haunted house, a graveyard, and costume contests. The following morning, staff members began setting up for the 7th Annual Chandler Mayor’s Day of Play with demonstrations, performers, games, and … Continue reading

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The Inside Track

Photos Courtesy of Pillar Design Studios, LLC

Action-sport facilities offer sustainable design and construction practices as well as unique recreation opportunities. They are not only an efficient use of unused or perceived unusable land but also designed to be integrated into the natural topography of the area. A facility designed and built properly offers low maintenance and lower consumption of water, while providing flexible programming and seasonal activities. Ultimately, action-sport facilities create a substantial community benefit. Successful Planning These facilities can offer a diverse collection of activities … Continue reading

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Lifetime Achievement

Photo Courtest of NAYS

Many years ago, Ken Koonce returned to his hometown of Kinston, N.C., for Christmas, where he received one of the best gifts a recreation professional could ask for—a thank you for a life he impacted through the power of sports. Walking through a mall one December day, he noticed a tall, well-built young man coming toward him. He learned that the man swam on Ken’s youth team many years before. Ken was stunned by what happened next. “He proceeded to … Continue reading

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Fountain of Rings: An Atlanta Icon

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Almost 18 years ago Muhammad Ali stood before an exuberant crowd at Olympic Stadium in Atlanta with a flaming torch grasped in his right hand. Symbols of that magical summer evening and the 100th Summer Olympic Games that followed remain throughout the city today. One of the most visible symbols of those Olympics is the Fountain of Rings, the centerpiece of Centennial Olympic Park.  Since 1996, millions of people have visited this icon, the largest interactive fountain in the world. … Continue reading

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