Book Explores The Impact Of Camp Hello Mother, Hello Father: Celebrating Summer Camp by Daniella K. Garran recognizes the tremendous influence camps have had on millions of Americans in the past century and a half. This nostalgic look depicts camp life in over 300 warm and engaging images. Summer camp traditions, such as campfires, camp songs, and many more are presented. Highlighted are activities that make each camp unique. Dozens of photographs from a variety of camps illustrate campers and … Continue reading

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Equine Intelligence

Photos Courtesy of Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)

Since horseback-riding programs carry a few inherent risks, these activities should be managed by staff members who have demonstrated and documented experience teaching horseback-riding or managing horses. Unlike with most camp activities, horses have a mind of their own, so riding instructors must be able to anticipate what the rider and the horse will do in a given situation in order to prevent any negative incidents. Sometimes the best riders may not always be the best teachers.  Training time is … Continue reading

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Common Ground

For the past several years we have been hearing that special needs camps comprise the fastest growing sector in camping in North America. I believe this growth has occurred due to a variety of underlying catalysts. First, advances in care and treatment for individuals with special needs has improved significantly over the past several decades, creating a “healthier” population of individuals who still face some sort of challenges in their daily lives. Second, greater awareness and education about people with … Continue reading

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Training Staff To Work With Special-Needs Campers

Photos Courtesy of Camp CAMP

  Every spring, camps around the country turn their attention to recruiting, hiring, and training the staff that they hope will provide the best summer experience for campers. Recruiters meet with countless individuals during these trips, interview those who apply and show promise, and then extend offers to those who rise to the top of the applicant pool. Then, after all that, the real fun begins! These individuals–from different backgrounds and locations–will join together to form a team. While the … Continue reading

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16 Low Cost Gifts That Mean A Lot

Gifts don’t need to be expensive to create powerful memories. 

In my younger days, I vividly recall both of my grandmothers lamenting how, as we age, the days seem to pass by more quickly. Never is that more true than during the rush and bustle of the end-of-the-year holidays and beginning of a fresh new year. With the holiday season so near, those of us who didn’t finish our shopping in July (I am related to some of those folks, and I did not get that genetic trait!) do our … Continue reading

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Jefunira Camp, founded in 1991, is built around an inclusive philosophy, and does not have an emphasis on any specific activity area, instead allowing campers to explore their interests in all activities without the pressure to be a master in [...] More