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Feedback For Staff

“Chris, my supervisory staff members don’t always know the best way to provide feedback to their counselors. Most of the time, they see what needs improvement but don’t say anything except perhaps to me. Any tips on how to get them talking directly to their supervisees?” –Susan Hooks, Director of Riverview Camp for Girls, Mentone, Ala. Susan, the leadership team at Riverview is not alone. Many supervisors hesitate to offer staff feedback because they are worried about a supervisee’s reaction. … Continue reading

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The Boys Of Summer

I was born in 1960 and have played baseball since I can remember. There were no formalized leagues in the 1970s for kids younger than 9, but we played pickup games every day. Today those games seem a thing of the past. I hate to sound like an old man, but the game has sure changed in many ways, as have the lessons and benefits. As kids, once we finally got on a real team, we looked forward to finding … Continue reading

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Interesting Times …

While our girls were at soccer practice on a field nearby, my buddy and I took on some young kids in a game of Knockout on the basketball court. As we played, I learned his life was in an uproar. Thanks to the still-struggling economy, his meat business was about to go under. His biggest client cancelled their contract in order to buy from large distributor who was offering an inferior product, but at a rock-bottom price; and his regular … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Gift

With a rush, all five of us barged through Mom and Dad’s bedroom door and attacked the bed. The two youngest launched themselves at the lumpy forms that were my unsuspecting parents while the older three stood at the edge helping to plead the case. It was Christmas morning and it was time to open presents. Luckily, my parents were savvy veterans. They knew resistance was futile and, though the bedroom clock showed a red 5 where an 8, 9, … Continue reading

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Creating Chemistry

One of the fastest growing segments in the aquatics industry is water park developments that utilize aquatic play features. These are designed for play and recreation with shallower depths, high-moving water velocities, aerating pumps and special effects, such as sprays, misters and waterfalls. Although some may consider these swimming-pool environments, there are unique differences in the way in which the water quality is managed. A New Breed Water chemistry parameters in these facilities should depend not only on bather loads, … Continue reading

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