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News & Events Do you have a favorite letter from a parent thanking your camp for making their child’s summer special? Send it to us and we’ll give you all the bragging rights that come with an audience of 10,000 Camp Business readers! To: Tom Sawyer Camps Altadena, Calif. “I just want to let you know how excited my son is about coming to camp this summer. I asked him if there is anything he would like to be different … Continue reading

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Urgent Life

I wrote and rewrote the first few paragraphs of this story three or four times because I kept worrying about being politically correct. I worried over leaving someone out of the matrix that went along with the story. I kept writing, crossing out, re-writing, not wanting to come on too strong, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, but every time I would re-read my PC version I’d found I’d buried the lead. So let me get this out of the … Continue reading

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Sidestepping Stereotypes

Alongside the pop-culture image of summer camps as frivolous playgrounds for food fights and panty raids lie insidious and maladaptive gender-role stereotypes. Boys’ camps are thought to be full of manly men whose superior upper-body strength and testosterone-saturated blood shape a culture of hazing, rough-and-tumble play and extreme competition. Girls’ camps are thought to be full of girly girls whose glossy nails, glossier smiles and dolled-up fashion hide a cliquey social hierarchy of queen bees, mean girls and suicidal social … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Sportsmanship

Situated on 425 acres in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, the International Sports Training Camp (ISTC) offers a unique experience that combines traditional camping with a one-week sports camp. With its picturesque surroundings, including the private 100-acre Trout Lake, the summer sports camp serves ages 8 to 17. “The staff incorporates life-long skills and values into the programs to create an environment in which campers feel safe in taking on challenges and furthering themselves both on and off the … Continue reading

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Specialty Swimming Instruction

Aggghhhhhhhhh!!!!” Sara screams as her parents struggle to get her into her bathing suit for her first swim lesson. She’s terrified of the water, the unfamiliar surroundings, and the change in routine. Fortunately her instructor, Nancy (a certified recreation therapist) understands her fear. Calmly and methodically, Nancy works to put Sara at ease by asking her to “show me what you can do.” Nancy knows that Sara will not respond well to traditional swim instruction and, instead, relies on Sara … Continue reading

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