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Seek Shelter

There was a time when sunburns and peeling skin were as much a part of summer for kids as bare feet and cutoffs. Accordingly, parents thought it was healthier for kids to have some color than pale faces. Much has changed in the way we view the sun, and the way we protect ourselves from it. These days, sunscreen is routine (and even waterproof), and sports clothing carries sun-protection factor ratings. And while much activity still occurs outdoors, those who … Continue reading

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Building A Case

In Part 1 of this series, I examined group initiatives, or directives, that encourage a group to work together to solve a problem. This article focuses on low-ropes challenge courses. The main difference between the two is that a challenge course is permanently constructed, designed exclusively for this type of activity and led by a trained facilitator. Before a single person sets foot on a challenge course, several issues must be addressed, starting with construction and inspection. For safety and … Continue reading

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The Game of Life

I sat in the drive-thru, chastising myself for even being there. Earlier that morning, I had skipped packing my lunch and because I knew eating lunch meant leaving the office, I kept cramming in “just one more thing” until it was suddenly 2 p.m. and my body was crying for food. From there, it was all downhill. In an effort to get back to the office quickly, I headed to the closest drive-thru, ordered a burger and fries and ate … Continue reading

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Evaluate Your Performance

Summer is over, the last bus has left, and the last counselor has said goodbye. Somewhere between wrapping up the season and a nice, long vacation (I hope), one might wonder if there is a way to prepare for the next camp. Is there a class to take? A book to read? Some type of continuing education to pursue? Self-improvement is a fundamental theme of any camp, and the example should start at the top. But who are the most … Continue reading

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Writing Camp Jobs On A Resume

Anyone who includes a camp job on a resume begins a fight. Thanks, in part, to movies like Meatballs, Friday the 13th, and Wet Hot American Summer, camp counselors must struggle against a pop-culture image of camp that includes food fights, panty raids, and crazed killers. Yes, I know, the last time someone actually flew underwear up a flagpole was 1965, but most employers don’t know that. Geographer and commentator Dr. Jon Malinowski has written wryly and wisely on this … Continue reading

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