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Guest Editor’s Note–Living And Breathing Aquatics


Aquatics—such a broad topic to be discussed in such a short article!  Do we talk about swim lessons, the different lifeguarding certifications out there, general waterfront safety, new boating programs … the list is endless!   I have been swimming, diving, and boating since I began my life as a camper at the tender age of 5. My first waterfront director will tell you how “adorable” I was in my size 6X bathing suit, wanting to do it all right out … Continue reading

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Separate Outstanding From Adequate

Photos Courtesy of Dru Belli

When the time comes to hire a new aquatic director for your summer-camp program, or if you are seeking to groom current employees for promotion to an aquatic supervisory position, do you know what you’re looking for? Beyond a comprehensive knowledge of water-safety issues and a strong background in lifeguarding skills, what qualities separate outstanding aquatic director candidates from those who are merely adequate?  In addition to having the aforementioned knowledge, excellent directors consistently exhibit qualities that fall into seven … Continue reading

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The Aquatic Art

Photos Courtesy of Camps Awosting and Chinqueka

Formerly, the term “aquatic” in organized camping meant teaching swimming and boating—period. Rowing, canoeing, and swim classifications included “beginner” and “advanced.” As an old-school Water Safety Instructor (WSI), I taught strokes like the inverted breaststroke and the double trudgeon crawl! Only one organization offered certification programs for WSIs, lifeguards, and boating instructors—the American Red Cross (ARC). Now, I don’t consider myself old, but the aquatic experience certainly has come a long way since I took my first swim class more … Continue reading

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Facebook Friends

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Social media can, and already have, revolutionized the way camp owners, directors, counselors, campers, and parents interact. These outlets are invaluable assets for fundraising, marketing, and, most importantly, relationship-building and communication. The vast majority of campers and staff likely have social-media accounts, which have become instrumental in retaining campers. In addition to stories and shared events, the excitement about returning to camp can now easily be spread in a matter of seconds to a vast number of people. Furthermore, one … Continue reading

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Unscheduled Time

Photos Courtesy of Trail Blazer Camps

If the term “decentralized camping” is Googled, you will find a wealth of papers and books dedicated to the subject, yet you would be hard-pressed to find many current programs or camps that utilize this approach. After 150 years of summer camp, this philosophy apparently has all but vanished from the diverse world of camps.  The original idea was developed in the early 1920s by Lois Goodrich and Dr. L.B. Sharp at Life Camps (later to become Trail Blazer Camps), … Continue reading

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