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Resourceful Water Treatment

The Living Machine at YMCA Camp Seymour recycles wastewater.

Summer campers, outdoor science students, and retreat groups play and learn at a busy YMCA camp nestled on Glen Cove near the Carr Inlet of Puget Sound in the state of Washington. The usual camp sounds permeate the drizzly Pacific Northwest air–arrows smacking foam targets, water splashing from canoe paddles, cheers from campers reaching the top of the climbing wall, and cedar crackling in a campfire pit. Another unusual sound, though, is heard, usually only by maintenance staff. Noisy pumps … Continue reading

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Year-Round Revenue

Your facility takes center stage for three months out of the year. The grass is mowed, the paint is fresh and everything is in its place. But at the end of the season, many properties lie dormant. Your pride and joy loses its color, the weeds grow, the paint chips and many spaces are askew. By the time camp rolls around the following year, the general maintenance, repairs, and upkeep can be overwhelming. The cash flow that you accumulated during … Continue reading

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Continuous Professional Development

“It’s like picking berries,” concluded the woman sitting next to me on the plane. I had just explained my seasonal commitment to provide in-person staff training for 22 camps and summer schools in the 35 days between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. “There is an annual rhythm to my work, but it’s very different from picking berries,” I offered. “In any type of harvest, the idea is to time the picking for peak market freshness. In staff training, … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

Running a business of any size–be it a magazine or camp–is a bit like running a race. You–the owner or director–are like the team’s coach: you map out the strategy, motivate your players, and push, push, push the ball and projects endlessly uphill and anticipate the day you finally reach the top. Except there really is no top. You just keep moving, inexorably upward, getting better, and better and better (hopefully). On one hand, it’s a great feeling. You pass … Continue reading

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Shipped Off To Camp

A camp adventure on the high seas.

The challenges of running an outdoor recreation facility keep even the most competent manager on his or her toes. Buying new safety gear, renewing annual insurance, hiring qualified counselors, and updating marketing materials demand constant vigilance. But what if your facility is 89 feet tall, weighs 210 tons, and floats? Add a few layers of federal regulation, limitations of wind and tide, and large, thick pieces of wood swaying in the water, and you have an idea of the unique … Continue reading

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