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Word On The Web @CampDoc “Are you going to eat that” Interesting article from @campbusiness #eatinghabits #kids ———-                      ———                      ————- How To Soak A Dope How is the bucket attached to the sign in the “soak a dope” picture (Lumberjack Games, CB Mar/Apr 2012)? I would like to do that at my camp. –Joe Kelner The bucket is hinged on a 2×4 and the target is attached to a 2×4. When the target is hit with enough force it swings, … Continue reading

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Adieu To Traditional Overnight Camps

Instead of telling campers about the French culture, Camp Tournesol gives kids an opportunity to experience it. 
Photos Courtesy Of Camp Tournesol

In 2001, I founded CampTournesol as a vehicle to help French-immersion students embrace and develop their verbal skills in the summer. For several years, I worked towards this goal by developing day camps in different cities in the Greater Toronto area. Since the organization doesn’t own any property on which to operate camps, local schools were rented. In 2006, I began to research the possibility of providing overnight camp experiences to offer a more in-depth opportunity for campers. I faced … Continue reading

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Give Pause For Patience

Allow campers the opportunity to participate and make decisions.

Some people think that accessibility for the disabled simply means that a person in a wheelchair has a ramp available.  Yes, ramps are useful and important, but there is much more to being an accessible camp than attaching a ramp onto a building. In fact, I would argue that attitudinal accessibility and barrier-free thinking are the first—and most important—steps in providing a safe and comfortable environment for campers with disabilities. There are many resources available for creating accessible facilities; hundreds … Continue reading

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The Difference Diversity Makes–Guest Editor

When I was nine years old, my mother accepted a summer job as a camp counselor. Since she would be working full-time, my sister and I were allowed to attend the summer camp for free! My sister and I were very excited to have the opportunity to participate in all of the activities. We learned how to swim, make friendship bracelets, and even performed dance routines. We made life-long friends that I am still in contact with today. The camp … Continue reading

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Secrets For Success

While it may be easy to
train people in skills
such as archery,
training people to think of others can be difficult.
Photos Courtesy Of YMCA Of Arlington, Texas

All kids need a little camp in their lives! The fellowship and joy of the camp experience  must be made available to as many children as possible. Currently, too many children spend too much time looking at TV or other screens, and not enough time with others. Camp involves playing outside in the fresh air and learning to get along with other children. The experience may include swimming, making crafts from items one might never have thought of using, and … Continue reading

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