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Field Notes As Gold Medal continues to grow, the company recently purchased a 42,000-square-foot building across the street from its current headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio; the new building will be used for manufacturing and storage space. The “all-in-one” Advocate Lavatory System by Bradley Corp. has received the 2012 GOOD DESIGN Award presented by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Bradley’s Advocate is the first lavatory … Continue reading

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Watch Out For One Another

When you see something, say something -- in a kind and professional way. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / diego_cervo

Part III: How staff members can help each other observe professional boundaries In Parts I and II of this article series on maintaining professional boundaries with youth, I introduced the concept of a fiduciary, and revealed the vulnerabilities that tempt adults to cross boundaries. When you are comfortable with the concept of a fiduciary and fluent in the vulnerabilities that make us human (and therefore sometimes dangerous), you are ready to stabilize your proficiency with peer support. In Part III, … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Candid Feedback

Be honest with parents when discussing a child's challenging behavior at camp. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / goldenKB

While the biggest worry for a camp counselor may be coping with a particularly difficult camper, the second-biggest worry is how to tell that camper’s parents—either at the child’s pick-up time after an especially trying day or at the end of a resident session. Certainly a camp staff’s responsibility includes not only caring for campers, but also providing opportunities for growth. This is best accomplished when parents are drawn into a partnership with a key staff member, which occurs only … Continue reading

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Provide Like A Parent

There is no greater act of service than to care for a child. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / michaeljung

Look at this photo. Beautiful, isn’t she? I look in those big blue eyes, and I see hope, happiness, and joy. That is why I named this child Leelou Joy. It’s how I felt about becoming a parent. But looking back, I realize there have been other times before Leelou when I was a parent. Like many of you, I have been there for someone who needed me. Sometimes, it was something simple—a hug and a pat on the back … Continue reading

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Be There To Show You Care

You have to do more than just wave a magic wand to get good behavior out of children. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / darrin

It’s time to have a conversation about young people and all the things they do that are wonderful, inclusive, respectful, and responsible. Unfortunately, these aspects are often overlooked. And when we do see them, we either don’t identify them as a choice or we are surprised that we “caught” children being good. Of course, even youngsters with severe misbehaviors spend a lot of time behaving well. It is our job as adult caregivers to see as much of the good … Continue reading

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