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Reasons To Return

Traditions and heritage at a day camp not only provide stability, but also allow campers and staff to feel connected to something greater than themselves. Occurring daily, weekly, and monthly, these customs give campers the structure they need to remain focused and well-behaved, but also the variety and excitement to detach themselves from the school-year mentality. The varied recurrence of traditions gives every camper–whether first-timers that come for one week or veterans who attend all summer long–a chance to experience … Continue reading

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Strive For Success

By the time I was 14 and had finished my first summer as a camp leader in training, I knew I wanted to be a camp director. It became one of my major life ambitions. As I worked my way from counselor through senior-management, my leadership style naturally evolved. But once I became the director, I realized that allowing leadership to take its natural course wasn’t really sufficient. My laid-back attitude toward my employees did work … but it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Laying The Groundwork

Getting ready for the summer season often means airing out short-sleeved shirts and shorts, seeing if the porch furniture needs any repairs, and hunting for the bug spray. And when you think about it, getting a camp’s sports facilities ready for the coming year shouldn’t be much different from spring cleaning. For those who have a co-op agreement with a local school, college, or university, prepping sports fields isn’t something you have to worry about. They’re already in use, so … Continue reading

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Word On The Web Summer Camp Belongs On Your Resume! Chris Thurber has written an excellent article on how to write about camp jobs on your resume (“Writing Camp Jobs On A Resume,” CB Sept/Oct 2011). This is a great read for our previous staff, as it shows how to celebrate the importance of camp to non-camp people who might be reading your resume. More than that though, it’s a good read for anyone applying to work at camp, or … Continue reading

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