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A Wiffle Effect

In fall 2006, after tabulating more than 1,500 camper evaluations, we discovered that Flagpole, a long-standing camp tradition, was described by the majority of campers as boring, hot, pointless and disruptive to the camp day. Wow! We had been using it since 1901. Flagpole was really simple–three times a day, everyone would meet in the sports field, form a half-circle around the American flag, sing songs, and make announcements. The morning Flagpole included raising the flag and reciting the Pledge … Continue reading

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A Recipe For Magic

Summer camp for youth has been around since 1861. How could anything continue to be so popular for so long, with such passionate proponents in every generation, unless it has real magic? Most of my previous Camp Business articles have dealt with a leadership dimension–making wise choices based on listening, caring and measuring–creatively borrowing ideas that have proven successful (in camping and elsewhere) and taking action. But is there something more elemental than that? Could much of the success of … Continue reading

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Stop Camp Bullying

Camp is a place for kids to have the time of their lives, to relax and not have to worry about the pressures of home and school. Sadly, this is not always a reality. Whenever there is more than one child in the same place, bullying is always a possibility. Bullying likely has happened in your own camp, even if the staff didn’t realize it. Fortunately, you and the rest of the staff can take simple steps to prevent it. … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Success

Each summer at camp is preceded by training staff members so they can actively engage with campers in a competent and professional manner. And every year it seems there is more material to cover and a challenge to fit that into a limited period of time. Sound familiar? Then read on. There is a way to control the planning as well as the results. Focusing on the intentions of the training as well as defining the outcomes you hope to … Continue reading

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Pooling Resources

The buzz about energy conservation has come to life with the green movement, and industries and organizations are doing more than just talking about it. The rising fuel and energy costs over the past several years–combined with a growing awareness of the need for renewable energy sources–have stirred many to take action. This includes the aquatic industry. Today, it is vital for all operators and managers of public aquatic facilities–including municipal pools, water theme parks and fitness and wellness centers–to … Continue reading

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