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Answering the Why?

Baseball. It seems like a simple game. Throw the ball. Hit the ball. Catch the ball. Repeat as often as necessary. The team that scores the most runs wins. But, try and teach this “easy” sport to a bunch of eleven-year-olds, and watch how quickly it becomes complicated. All of a sudden runners are leading off, daring the pitcher to pick them off, batters are dropping down bunts and before you know it, chaos reigns – the ball is being … Continue reading

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Swimming Pool Filtration

When beginning any course on filtration, my first question to the class is, “Have you ever walked up to a pool and it looked as if diamonds were jumping off the water?” This imagery of sparkling water is the result of a conscious effort to maintain water clarity through filtration. Water clarity is dependent upon proper filtration, circulation and chemical treatment. These articles have discussed circulation (hydraulics) and pool chemical treatment, but to ensure optimum clarity, the filtration system must … Continue reading

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Weighing The Options

The annual operating cost for a typical outdoor 25-meter x 50-meter pool–including water, power, heating and pool chemicals–is about $256,000. The largest expense is natural gas at $184,400 (72 percent of total cost). Electricity is next at $40,800 (16 percent), followed by pool chemicals at $20,900 (8 percent), and finally, water usage at $9,400 (4 percent). In just the past few years in California, the cost of natural gas has risen from an average of $0.55 per therm to almost … Continue reading

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Medical Matters

Most parents, when they leave their children at a camp facility, have certain expectations that often go unsaid. Will my child be properly supervised? Will he or she be protected from bullying? Will my camper be safe from outside forces or people that may harm him? If he or she is hurt, will proper care be available? In many states, when parents turn over their child to a camp and its staff, they are giving the camp the responsibility of … Continue reading

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A Basket Full of Ideas

Every month, I compile an e-newsletter and invite camp directors to submit information to be included in the publication. It’s seen as an honor for their ideas to be used, so I thought I would share some programming tips with the readers of Camp Business. Hope it helps add creativity and fresh ideas to every camp lineup! T-Shirt Mining “Several years ago I was cleaning out my closet and pulled out a couple dozen old campT-shirts, most dating back from … Continue reading

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