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Mindful Practice

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“Practice makes progress” has replaced the phrase “practice makes perfect” in the lexicon of most teachers, coaches, and camp staff members. Maybe this is a reflection of the 21st-century emphasis on authoritative parenting. Or perhaps youth leaders have become neurotic about not making youngsters themselves neurotic. It’s also possible that we are more informed than ever about what contributes to success. Rather than attaining perfection, we now understand that striving for perfection is the key to meaningful achievement in life. … Continue reading

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Creating A More Joyful Journey

As a passionate advocate for camp, I feel strongly that what sets our industry apart is the ability to share with one another our challenges, obstacles, solutions and best practices. We are a uniquely supportive community—one that is made up of individuals that seek out opportunities to connect and share new ideas. While I am no longer a full-time camp professional, I have the privilege of working with camp professionals around the country as they consider the ways in which … Continue reading

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These Kids Are Hungry!


It had been a great start to summer camp, but now, on the last meal of the week, several campers were blatantly breaking rule number six: “Do not carry any food out of the cafeteria.” As the new program director for South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, N.C., I wasn’t sure what to do. Before I could make a decision, however, the executive director, and co-founder of the camp, leaned over to me. “Just let it go. Don’t worry about … Continue reading

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The Value of No/Low-Prop Initiative Games

Photo Courtesy of Ohio State University Extension

The benefits of teambuilding activities such as high-ropes courses have been well-documented. Youth gain valuable skills from being mentally and physically challenged, but what you do when a camp cannot afford to build a course, maintain it, and incur increased insurance premiums? A number of cooperative and initiative games can accomplish many of the same goals with little or no investment. What Are Low/No-Prop Initiative Games? Initiative games are highly active team challenges that require individual members to work together … Continue reading

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A Dose Of Carefree Living

Photo Courtesy Of Alan Clark

The entrance to Camp Boggy Creek looks like most summer camps. As a former camp director, I noticed the typical “Welcome” sign greeting campers, along with colorful wooden arrows pointing to the arts-and-crafts center, theatre, riding stable, and pool. As a group of campers walked by, they proclaimed their loyalty to the camp with a typically loud and enthusiastic cabin cheer. But the camp, about 45 minutes from Orlando, Fla., is anything but typical. With the help of 1,600 volunteers … Continue reading

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