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Keep The Sun At Bay

It wasn’t until recently that sunscreen became a staple in the parks and recreation lexicon. As a child growing up in southern California, I fondly remember hot summer weekends schlepping behind my mother–a Boogie board in tow–to the beach. Besides a towel or two, a book for my mother and some pocket change for an ice cream cone, nothing ever appeared to be missing. Lack of scientific data and little information available to the public on skin cancer meant the … Continue reading

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Dressing Up Turf

It’s spring again. The skies are blue, the flowers are in bloom, and kids are counting down the days remaining in the school year. And you have just realized it’s past time to get your fields in shape for an entire season of sports camps. The fields, including those for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and even football, are going to need serious maintenance to bring them up to the usual standards. Creating a field-maintenance checklist is a great way to … Continue reading

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Open Minds And Perspectives

When the camp-office phone rings, the administrative assistant hears from an upset parent complaining about the tardiness of the bus this morning. The assistant relays a rather familiar message to me, stating, “The bus was late again at stop C.” In despair, I reply, “Not again!” Then I declare, “That’s it, today’s the day I’ll ‘fix’ this transportation issue.” In the next few minutes, I clear a 6-foot banquet table (a big problem), and brew a fresh pot of extra-strength … Continue reading

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Summer Staff Icebreakers

As new camp staff members arrive, it’s important to welcome them and incorporate them into the team. Try some of these icebreakers to encourage old and new staff to mingle as they prepare for a summer of non-stop camp activities and responsibilities. Beach Ball Reveal Before staff members arrive, cover a beach ball with “conversation starters,” using permanent marker. Include questions or statements such as: • If a movie was made about your life, which celebrity would you want to … Continue reading

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Scary Stories

At 1:30 a.m. on the second evening of summer camp, all is quiet as six young girls sleep in their cabin with their first-year, 19-year-old counselor. One of the girls decides she needs to go to the restroom, so she quietly steps over the side of her upper-bunk but misses a step and crashes to the floor. In spite of banging her head during the fall, she insists she is fine, takes her bathroom break, and climbs back into bed. … Continue reading

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