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MV Sport Is Powered By The Sun MV Sport/Weatherproof, a supplier of custom decorated apparel based in Bay Shore, NY, announced that it is installing a large solar panel system that will generate most of the company’s electrical needs. Nearly 5,000 photovoltaic cells will convert the sun’s rays into over 1.4-million kilowatt hours of electricity in one year. According to Josh Peyser, MV Sport/Weatherproof’s president, solar power will generate more than 90 percent of MV Sport’s annual power usage. “MV … Continue reading

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The Camp Kitchen

Know your camp's liabilities for safety in the kitchen.

Space does not permit a discussion of every possible legal circumstance that may occur at camp, nor is this article intended to give specific legal advice. But ignorance of the law is no defense. It is good to understand a few basic concepts to inculcate responsibility when purchasing, preparing, and serving food to campers, staff, and guests. Law is very definitional, and not all jurisdictions define the law alike. Consider two hypothetical cases: Case No. 1 A camp contracts with … Continue reading

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Universal Vulnerabilities

All of us can be tempted to cross intimacy boundaries when working with children. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / photography33

In Part I of this series on maintaining professional boundaries with young people, I introduced the concept of a fiduciary, suggested the guideline of “Doubt = Don’t,” and outlined practical and effective ways in which directors could train staff to act responsibly. These fundamental ideas and practices serve as the basis for decent behavior. In Part II, I’ll expose the vulnerabilities that tempt adults to cross boundaries in the first place. The allure of becoming more popular in youngsters’ eyes … Continue reading

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Nix Nurses At The Med Center

Consider training some of your camp staff as emergency medical technicians. Photo Courtesy Of Dr. Craig Jacobus

Camp nurses are one of the most challenging summer positions to fill. Nurses are highly qualified, and they may have a difficult time asking for even a week off from their regular commitment to work a lower-paying or volunteer job at a camp. Last year, while Camp Rivercrest in Fremont, Neb., was facing this challenge, an idea emerged that revolutionized the health center and first-aid care, both during summer camp and year-round. It all began because one of the part-time … Continue reading

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Spinning Yarns

Spinning wool into yarn is one way to connect campers with nature and the past. © Can Stock Photo Inc. / joyfuldesigns

After several decades of resting in the corner of my living room–and basically serving as a decoration–my spinning wheel is back in use. I am again picking through sheep fleece, washing the wool, carding, and spinning it. I had forgotten how satisfying it is to transform wool into a yarn that can be used for knitting or weaving. I read recently that when we work with fibers from plants and animals, they connect us to the stories of the people … Continue reading

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