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Year of Tens

The clown walked into my living room and all the two-year-olds started to cry. It was the classic new-parent mistake–cash in a coupon for a free birthday with a clown to make your oldest child’s birthday something he would never forget. Mission accomplished. He’s still dislikes clowns (he’s 13)–and, to be honest, I don’t like them much either. Fast forward to his eighth birthday. Instead of a clown, I filled up a tub of water balloons–after all it’s August, it’s … Continue reading

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News & Events Find Camping Info With The Touch Of One Button Marion, Iowa–Looking for information and products related to camping? Alicia Whittle announces the launch of her Web site that provides camping tips as well as camping equipment. Individuals can find articles on camping and offer comments or ask questions about anything related to camping. was created to provide one place for individuals to obtain camping tips and camping equipment instead of having to look at several different … Continue reading

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Leadership By Example

“Chris, in my early years as a camp director, I never worried about the off-season behavior of my staff. Now that staff members photograph and post most of their social lives online, I’m torn. I’m not the CyberPolice, but I’ve received complaints from parents and upset e-mails from campers who have discovered unwholesome postings and unsavory photos of respected counselors and camp leaders. It sours their view of camp. Where do I go from here?” –Scott Arizala, Director of Dragonfly … Continue reading

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Looking Back

The linoleum in our kitchen creaked and groaned under the weight of my incessant pacing. So, too, did my wife, trying in vain to get some sleep in our first-floor bedroom. It was late. Again. And, we were on deadline. On the other end of the phone, Al Holappa, our creative director, listened patiently, noting my edits, complaints and ideas for this thing we had come to call Camp Business magazine. He was an hour behind Ohio time in Minnesota, … Continue reading

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Echockotee Dives In To Aquatics Camp

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Site Scout, a new series that highlights programs and facilities, and provides a behind-the-scenes glance at camps across the country! Whether it is an overnight, specialty or day camp, learn what makes us all tick, and keeps us dedicated to providing facilities for the next generation of campers. To be considered for a chance in the spotlight, submit your name, the name of your camp and a brief description to The Aquatics Camp at Camp … Continue reading

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