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Springing Forward

Like a thief in the night, the warm, spring breeze slipped in–blowing across the hills and dales of Illinois and Indiana until it finally arrived in our little backyard in northeast Ohio. It lingered, gently swaying our still bare hickory trees and immediately lifting the spirits of a family (and town) a bit worn down by a winter that was longer and colder than normal. As we piled into the van for the ride to school, I found myself quickly … Continue reading

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Shoot The Messenger

M. Night Shyamalan, director of the 1999 mystery-thriller, The Sixth Sense, once said in an interview that every director’s hope is to have the film achieve some type of iconic following, where lines or situations from the movie become part of American culture. He cited films like The Godfather, where the sentence, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse,” became forever synonymous with anyone making a serious threat. Once, when Shyamalan was playing basketball, one of his … Continue reading

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News, Letters & Events Evans Recognized By The OABA Cincinnati, Ohio–J.C. Evans, chairman of Gold Medal Products, is the first to receive the Pioneer Award in recognition of his career service and growth of the concession industry. This award will be presented by the national trade organization representing more than 3,000 members from the mobile amusement industry. The Outdoor Amusement Business Association, Inc.’s (OABA) Hall of Fame Award Committee honored Evans at their annual meeting on February 14. The committee … Continue reading

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Team Building

Throughout the season, camp staff members progress through various levels of group development. These stages are both necessary and normal: –Forming –Storming –Norming –Performing –Transforming You can help your staff navigate each stage by exploring the following activities with them, using the tools and suggestions provided. Forming The Forming Stage is the polite, get-acquainted, ice-breaking phase of group development. This process begins the moment new staff members assemble. Members are just trying to identify who’s who, and where they fit … Continue reading

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Confessions Of A Pop-Up Queen

As the high school sophomore bobbed in the water, supportive counselors shouted encouragement at her first water-skiing attempt. “Let the boat pull you up! Keep your arms straight! Get the tips out of the water!” Giving a nod that she was ready, she saw the boat pick up speed. Like the majority of beginning skiers, she rose out of the water a few inches and then crashed face first. As the boat circled around to help her try again, she … Continue reading

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