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Leadership After Failure

Conference workshops, camp publications, and staff training manuals are replete with inspirational advice on exactly how to get it right. This is how to lead a group. This is how to discipline children. This is how to run stellar activity periods. This is how to supervise. This is how to make a difference. And well beyond the narrow confines of the camp world lie inspirational biographies, films and legends of people who are famous–not only for getting it right, but … Continue reading

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April Showers …

It was like watching a line-change in a hockey game. My wife pulled into the driveway, slammed the car into park and jumped out. My three school-aged children and their science fair projects jumped in. I stood on the sidelines, watching all the commotion and wondering about the huge brown blob on the driver’s side door. I asked my wife about it. She just laughed. Apparently, it was -6 degrees when she left. Getting into the car, she spilled her … Continue reading

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Healthy Living

It is likely that many of the estimated 10 million campers and the more than 1 million staff members who oversee youngsters in summer camp will experience an illness or injury in a given season. Although most kids suffer only minor headaches or embarrassing falls during a baseball game, these ailments and injuries are usually “dusted off,” and do not necessitate medical attention. However, the majority of health problems at camp are sent to the camp medical center–the hub of … Continue reading

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Skimming The Surface

Camp Basics: Student to Instructor Ratio: 3.5 to 1 Location: British Virgin Islands and Windward Islands Cost: Ranges from $3,990 to $6,990, depending on level and course type. The cost includes all food, training, certifications, equipment, etc. Ages: 13 years old to college Odyssey Expeditions isn’t the traditional overnight camp for children. This summer camp puts its students out on the sea to learn first-hand what it means to be a seaman. Building A Foundation Jason Buchheim founded the expeditionary … Continue reading

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Take Camp On The Road

It is a Sunday afternoon in July. Members of the church await the arrival of the day-camp team. Together, they will prepare the church space for the campers who will arrive Monday morning. Long before this afternoon, the camp and the congregational members worked together to recruit campers, train leaders, and develop a meaningful program. By the end of the week, when parents attend a closing program, the 20 day campers will have cooked s’mores, made bird feeders, learned Bible … Continue reading

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