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Spray Park Features

Spray parks–also known as wet playgrounds–are gaining in popularity. They offer safe fun for everyone, including people afraid of the water and those with disabilities, as well as younger children who want the security of being able to see their parents while maintaining independent play. An added benefit of spray parks is the low water depth, which eliminates the hazard of drowning. If your park is considering developing or redesigning, there are a few things to consider. First, find a … Continue reading

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Warm Welcome

Try this exercise: Leave your camp, and then drive back, thinking about what you see through the eyes of someone who has never been there before. Ask staff to do the same, and then discuss your observations. Think seriously about the first impressions of guests and how to make them feel more welcome. Right or wrong, first impressions are hard to forget or dismiss. Upon entering a five-star hotel, you will find trained staff, pleasant, peaceful surroundings, careful signage and … Continue reading

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Creating Treasure Maps At Camp

I once made a treasure map full of movie images because I wanted to become involved and work with film festivals. The following year, I obtained prominent positions with two festivals. Another time, I placed a picture of a beautiful fireplace on my treasure map, and now I have one. On a more recent map, I placed pictures of some of my favorite creative people–Alfred Hitchcock, Walt Disney and Andy Kaufman. At the time I did not know what I … Continue reading

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Walking Workshops

Experts tell us the first step in becoming an environmentalist is noticing what nature offers. Such observation often leads to a desire and commitment to conserve and protect the natural world. Walking or hiking through the woods is a regular part of camp. However, many times staff and campers merely walk along the trail without really noticing what is around them. They overlook the sounds, sights, textures and diversity of the ecosystem. There are several interesting activities that can be … Continue reading

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Climbing Toward Success

At Camp Courage, a place where abilities and disabilities become possibilities, campers are given the opportunity to test themselves and go beyond expectations. Located in Central Minnesota, the camp offers a safe, accessible and natural environment where children and adults with physical disabilities, sensory and language impairments and other disabilities or illnesses discover abilities they never knew they had or thought they had lost. The goal of the camp is to globalize the use of learning and recreational tools to … Continue reading

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