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Summer’s Magic

The poles were rigged. The boat was on top of the van (after two attempts and three new scratches ). And, all three kids were buckled into their seats ready for the 30-minute drive to our favorite fishing hole. As we bumped and jostled our way through town and down the back-roads that led to the reservoir, we talked of the end of school, their all-important summer plans and, of course, tried to decide who was going to be first … Continue reading

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High-Tech Training

In this brave new world of technology, you now have the opportunity to streamline the training process in a way that not only can give a camp more qualified counselors and staff, but also can make prospective parents take notice of your camp in a more favorable way. Let’s approach these two ideas separately. A Web site is not only for pictures and words anymore. In fact, with the technology available these days, a Web site can become the engine … Continue reading

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Safe Wet Playgrounds And Water Parks

The safe operation of both indoor and outdoor wet playgrounds and water parks with zero to 4-foot-deep drop pools and lazy rivers depends on planning, protocols and diligent follow-through, according to industry experts. Safe Wet Playgrounds “Plan from the beginning to have it staffed,” says Bill Mowery, recreation general manager for Hamilton County Park District, which operates wet playgrounds at three of its parks in the Greater Cincinnati area. “The wet playground draws so many kids that operating it without … Continue reading

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Good Horse Sense

If your camp has liability insurance and your state has equine activity statutes, you may feel protected from lawsuits as they pertain to horseback riding at camps. However, while posted statutes and signed liability releases may deter lawsuits, you can still be sued for negligence. If you are sued, your program and its practices will probably be examined by expert witnesses familiar with horse industry standards. So what can you do to reduce your risk? If your camp is accredited … Continue reading

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Sugar Explosion

Hungry for a new programming idea? Camp counselor can create a pretend world where children are in a candy factory and play games centered on confectionary delights. Let their imaginations soar and the fun will last throughout the camp program. Jawbreaker Relay Fill four gallon-size buckets with balls–which the children can pretend are gigantic jawbreakers–using a different type of ball in each bucket (tennis balls, golf balls, small plastic footballs, and ping pong balls). At the beginning of the game, … Continue reading

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