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Boys Will Be Girls…And Girls Will Be Boys

Sure, there are anatomical differences between boys and girls, but even that apparent binary is more confusing than you might think. Indeed, about 1 percent of the young people you work with at camp were probably born intersex. As Anne Fausto-Sterling, author of Sexing the Body, writes: “While male and female stand on the extreme ends of a biological continuum, there are many bodies [...] that evidently mix together anatomical components conventionally attributed to both males and females. The implications … Continue reading

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The Fight For Innocence

In 1993, I was a young risk-management professional presenting my first child sexual-abuse seminar to a youth organization in theMidwest. The content of the talk was based on the insurance industry’s examination of claims experience, combined with its interpretation of root causes and contributing factors. Little did I know at the time that the information and strategies I presented that day would have little–if any–chance of detecting or preventing abuse. Fast forward 16 years, and the national headlines of child-abuse … Continue reading

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Food Preparation

  Anyone can cook. After all, even Neanderthal man put fire to meat and called it cooking. But the key today is in the preparation. Food preparation in camps, as well as at other venues, requires a variety of knowledge, yet there are some specialties unique to camp food service. A few helpful hints can greatly improve the focus of every camp–the dining hall. Often, there is only one entrée offered at each meal, whereas restaurants and even school cafeterias … Continue reading

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Shade Structures

Remember those teenagers who used to baste themselves with baby oil and park on beach towels all day long? They grew up to become sun safety-conscious adults. These days, they are the parents of SPF-using, hat-wearing shade-seekers, and they’re none too pleased when they see camps that don’t offer some respite from the sun. Fortunately, camps are taking these needs into consideration. Pools and picnic areas, once the haven of sunbathers, are featuring covered shelters. Even sports facilities–where onlookers often … Continue reading

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Maximum Participation

Courtesy Of Camp For All

Setting its sights on enriching the lives of children and adults with challenging illnesses and special needs, Camp For All wanted to make sure its activities were as barrier-free as its facilities. Doing so meant there were multiple ways to participate in activities, and all campers were able to succeed. So how does one make a high-adventure course universal? When the camp opened its gates in 1998, it contained a 30-foot climbing tower that included a two-element pole approach with … Continue reading

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