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Kick Nutrition Up A Notch

Modifying recipes may not turn picky eaters into vegetable lovers, but they may be inclined to try a dish before denying it. 
Photos Courtesy Wellspring Wisconsin

Providing meals for campers often involves finding a balance between foods that promote health and options campers will actually eat—all while taking cost and resource limitations into consideration. Unfortunately, many children arrive at camp with a wide range of food aversions or preferences that range from the very specific to the very general (i.e., “I don’t eat cottage cheese” to “I don’t eat ANY fruits and vegetables”). Considering that some children require 20 or more introductions to a food before … Continue reading

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Read Between The Labels

When accommodating dietary requests, it is important not to make a camper feel different or like he or she is a burden to staff members. 
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Requests for “special” diets at camp cannot be wished away, since approximately one in every 13 children has a food allergy. As diversity in camp communities continues to increase, many camps will encounter religious or lifestyle choices that may also inform food choices. Food is one of the most personal ways to extend hospitality to campers and guests. Putting systems in place to accommodate a variety of diets can open doors to new people and provide a safe and welcoming … Continue reading

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It’s Lonely At The Top

Take the time to talk to other directors, camp professionals, and corporate managers about what they deem as proper and appropriate social interactions in the workplace. 
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As a kid, a teenager, and even as a young adult, I loved camp. I planned my camping career path tirelessly as I worked my way from counselor, up through the ranks to senior leadership—program director, assistant director, and finally … my ultimate goal—summer camp director. So after careful planning, on-the-job training and experiences, talking to other camp professionals, and plenty of post-secondary education and certification, things were great! Programs ran smoothly, registration was improving, and people seemed happy … … Continue reading

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No Props—No Problem

Let partners take turns being in the driver's seat during the Trust Drive. 
Photos Courtesy Jim Cain

For those moments when you have plenty of time and space, but absolutely no equipment, here are four activities to help create something wonderful. The Invisible Obstacle Course This warm-up activity is half-creativity and half-physical fitness. Each small group creates an imaginary obstacle course, with group members crawling, jumping, running, and helping each other through the obstacles they encounter. A volunteer in each group begins the activity. After each element, leadership changes, and another member describes an obstacle, and then … Continue reading

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Courageous Ignorance

Asking about another person’s experiences is the first essential step toward preventing prejudice and racism.
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If you’ve seen my photo or met me at a conference, you might wonder what gives me—a white male—the qualifications or street cred to write about prejudice and diversity. And some would consider that racism. That’s the rub, isn’t it? My provenance isn’t clear from my skin color. Neither is anyone else’s. So why pre-judge my talents based on my skin color? Sure, I could tell you that I’m a quarter-Swedish, a quarter-German and half-English. That might explain my light … Continue reading

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