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News, Letters & Events Defining Equine Terms The article Good Horse Sense (Camp Business, Jul/Aug 2008) was very well written and very informative. I would like to point out two instances where the story may be misleading. In the story the statement is made that liability releases may deter lawsuits, but not for negligence. Releases stop lawsuits based on claims for negligence in 45 out of 50 states. Releases do not work for claims made by minors except in three … Continue reading

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Zoo Management

Walking by her bedroom door, I couldn’t help but notice the pile of debris flowing out into the hall. Heck, I had to step over it to get down the stairs. Instantly, my blood pressure spiked and the parental frustration (some would call it anger) always bubbling just below the surface rose up and exploded. “Hallie! Get up here and clean your room!” Somewhere, in the bowels of the house I heard a shouted, “Coming…” As I listened to the … Continue reading

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Expand The Marketing Potential Horizon

From giant, billion-dollar conglomerates of integrated network sites to small, niche personal lists, social-networking sites are taking the Internet by storm. Social networks are becoming more and more popular, especially among younger folks. But professionals and entrepreneurs use them too. Let’s start by defining the term and how you might be able to use the sites in marketing a camp. What Is Social Networking? Social network sites, like MySpace and FaceBook, are online global ”communities,” where people get to know … Continue reading

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Design Parameters For Public Swimming Pools

In previous articles, I have stressed how valuable knowledge is for aquatic managers to effectively operate and maintain their facilities. The whole purpose of education in swimming pool operations is to ensure the health and safety of the public. Why would we want to take our study into the design area? The reason is change. Over the past several years, the change in technology and building techniques in the public pool environment has been phenomenal. The public is looking for … Continue reading

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35 Creative Programming Ideas for 2009

The results are in and the ideas are plentiful! We invited readers to submit their most creative programming ideas to find out what keeps their camp ticking. After the submissions came pouring in, we knew we had several gems to share with Camp Business readers. Take a look and see if there’s anything you can use to spice up the upcoming camp season and thanks to everyone who participated! Food A Feeding Frenzy One program that occurs each year at … Continue reading

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