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Have A Camper Family Feud

Shortly before I left for Beijing to work the Summer Olympic Games, I was asked by Camp Med, a licensed day care program and summer camp sponsored by the city of South Pasadena, Calif., to give a presentation to our campers. I thought if I just talked and the kids just listened, it could get kind of boring. Instead, I proposed an Olympic Family Feud. The campers were divided into four groups. Each child in the winning group received a … Continue reading

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A Bit of Folly

Snuggled in the back pocket of my jeans, it goes, wherever I go. To work, to church, to basketball practice, to Thanksgiving dinner and so on. In essence, it’s become part of my wardrobe, much like my wallet or my shoes. But, unlike my wallet or my shoes, this little, black Moleskine notebook keeps me company not for any practical purpose, but rather as receptacle for my increasingly random thoughts, ideas, lists and artwork. Since I’ve latched onto it, I’ve … Continue reading

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Ready, Aim, Fire!

In the past, I have discussed marketing tools, the ideas behind them, and the reasons to enlist them in marketing campaigns. From branding to technology, I have covered a lot of ground in addressing a variety of marketing issues. The problem–if one can call it that–is all of this information is spread across a couple years’ worth of articles in different issues of this magazine. Think of this current article as a survival kit for those in the jungle of … Continue reading

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Swimming Pool Chemical Technology Automation

The increasing awareness of recreational water illnesses has led to the prolific advancement and acceptance of swimming pool chemical treatment equipment. Today there is a wider acceptance of automatic chemical controllers, and a tremendous movement to install electrolytic chlorine generators, ORP controllers, ozonators and UV generators. This change is a leading indicator of the mind-shift occurring with aquatic professionals, who are rapidly embracing industry research and investing in newer technologies. Electrolytic Chlorine Generators Electrolytic chlorine generators (ECGs) were introduced to … Continue reading

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Ah, the sound of serenity that seems always to accompany the sight of a yurt as it nestles into its natural setting. Maybe it is part of a quest for nature after being plugged into a cell phone, computer or television, or seated in a car or office for too many hours a week. A quiet retreat in a lovely setting–that is what a yurt promises. Yurts are tents used for centuries by Mongolian nomads living on the grassland steppes … Continue reading

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