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A Place To Touch Base

A modern yet rustic dining hall.

In 1923, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) opened the Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base in Ely, Minn., to provide deep-wilderness canoeing for youth participants. It is located on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and adjacent to the Superior National Forest, along the North American/Canadian border. The base has served as a “High Adventure” experience, and has continually challenged young men to experience the wild northern forests while canoeing in some of the most remote lakes … Continue reading

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Kids’ Big Fears: Part I

I came home for lunch one day in first grade and the house was empty. As a minute stretched into five and then 15, I became convinced that my mom was gone forever. Sounds like the start of a therapy session, right? But being abandoned is a core fear that all humans harbor. I’m happy to report that my mom did return (stuck in traffic after a haircutting appointment that ran long), and I cried tears of relief between bites … Continue reading

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Pass The Torch

Looking to provide a little friendly competition at camp? Teach campers to follow directions while working together to complete each task. Participants will have so much fun giggling with teammates that they won’t even recognize the life-long skills mixed in with each game! 1. Grand Canyon Relay Each person walks on a rope while looking through the wrong side of a pair of binoculars. Whenever a participant steps off the rope, he or she must go back to the start. … Continue reading

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Chew On This

Is your camp prepared to offset rapidly rising food costs? Is there a strategic plan or a magic formula to enact in the dining hall? Food service at camp consumes a large portion of the annual budget, with some camps reporting this figure as high as 40 percent or even 50 percent of the total cost of operation, so controlling food inflation is critical. Let’s take a look at the significant ingredients that make up your foodservice operation–food, labor, supplies, … Continue reading

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A Portfolio Of Programming

We invited readers to submit their most creative programming ideas to find out what keeps their camp ticking. Whether a day camp or resident camp, here are several ideas that might work for you: • Create a photo album to music and burn it onto a DVD. Make it available at the end of summer to kids/parents for the cost of the DVD and cover (about $1). This is a season-long activity that involves the staff members taking pictures. The … Continue reading

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