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Unscheduled Time

Photos Courtesy of Trail Blazer Camps

If the term “decentralized camping” is Googled, you will find a wealth of papers and books dedicated to the subject, yet you would be hard-pressed to find many current programs or camps that utilize this approach. After 150 years of summer camp, this philosophy apparently has all but vanished from the diverse world of camps.  The original idea was developed in the early 1920s by Lois Goodrich and Dr. L.B. Sharp at Life Camps (later to become Trail Blazer Camps), … Continue reading

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Word On The Web On “From Pop Culture To Camp Culture” (CB Jul/Aug 2013): What a great article! So nice to know my 12-year-old, Rachel, has been able to experience the same things I did as a camper from 1944 to 1950. Learning to live together and the magic and spirit of Camp Nicolet will be in my heart forever. I still have tears watching the big “N” burn in the last pictures of camp of 2013. How lucky we … Continue reading

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Do You Want A Spanking?

Photos: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / PhotoEuphoria

As an academic psychologist and practicing clinician, I’ve studied parent-child interactions in many settings—hospitals, clinics, university laboratories, refugee settlements, schools, homes, and summer camps. While these locales appeal to the scientist in me, there exists no better place to study parent-child interactions than the supermarket. Yes, the supermarket. And within the supermarket, there exists no better place to observe the range of human behavior than—you guessed it—the cereal aisle. Once there, one can observe what sometimes appears to be a … Continue reading

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Colleagues In Camping–Guest Editor’s Note

Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / hwahl3

Like you, I have a deep passion for camping and I find inspiration in hearing from members of the camp community on what works best, what could be improved, and sometimes—most beneficially—what did not work at all. My camp story began in 1986 in Williamsport, Penn., as a Little League baseball camper. My experience that summer and the 8 years that followed forever shaped me as a person and a leader in camping. While attending that camp, I learned much … Continue reading

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A Camper With Diabetes…

Photos Courtesy of Central Ohio Diabetes Association

In 1964, five central-Ohio physicians collaborated in educating the community due to the increasing number of diabetic patients in their care. The doctors created the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, a nonprofit agency that continues to offer education and resources to people with diabetes in and around Columbus, Ohio. Three years later, in 1967, these same physicians discovered their pediatric diabetic patients were being refused access to summer camp, solely based on their Type 1 diabetes. Following a visit to Camp … Continue reading

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