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Ahh, Details…

My Dad likes to recount the story of a family friend who built a new home and, when it was done, invited all his friends over for a house-warming party. As Dad recalls, the evening was chugging along fine, folks were enjoying themselves and the refreshments when his friend nudged him and asked, “Would you like a tour?” Being a good friend (and probably a bit curious – the new home was apparently huge), Dad obliged and followed his friend … Continue reading

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Getting the Picture

In the past, we have often discussed the importance of using good photography for your Web site and print materials. Good photos, especially those that show lots of excitement and action, can capture the true spirit and nature of your camp, and go a long way in selling the camp to the people you most want to reach–the kids and their parents. But in all our discussions, we have only briefly mentioned the best way to prepare and optimize your … Continue reading

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Off-Season Marketing Ideas

Now that campers have safely returned home and camp is quiet, you have until next summer to relax on your yacht or spend the winter in your Tuscan villa. Isn’t that what camp employees do? On the other hand, if your Tuscan villa is being remodeled, you can use that time to do some creative, low-cost marketing for next summer’s camp season. The following are ideas designed to bring name recognition to your camp and fill up those camper slots … Continue reading

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Treetop Fun

“I think we come hard-wired to spend time in trees,” says Bill Allen, founder of Forever Young Treehouses Inc., a 501(c)3 corporation created in 1998 for the explicit purpose of building universally accessible treehouses in every state by 2008. “I mean, have you ever tried to get a kid out of a tree?” It isn’t easy. There’s something magical about hanging your legs over the edge, enjoying the view and the gentle breeze as you sway back and forth, back … Continue reading

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Capital Improvements

Everyone has a vision of what will make their camp perfect. Unfortunately, that vision may not jibe with reality (or users’ ideas of a perfect camp), which is why it’s critical to develop a team of disparate people to help you craft a strategic facility improvement plan–a vision, unclouded by emotion, of what your camp needs to indeed become “perfect.” After all, buildings last for decades and leave not only a legacy of accomplishment, but, in some cases, a legacy … Continue reading

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