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Sensational CD Crafts


What’s flat, round, free and invades your mailbox ever so often? Hint: They hang also out at video stores, fast food outlets and other retail centers. Sample CDs, of course! These shiny, round disks are the perfect base for all sorts of recycled items, gifts, craft projects and games. The next time you get an AOL disk in the mail, just look at it as a free opportunity to have your campers make a great craft project. The following are … Continue reading

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Building for the Future

The best feeling in the world, besides knowing you have made a difference in a child’s life, is bulldozers clearing a site for the construction of your new building, which will also affect children’s lives for the better! Camp directors love to build! It is a permanent reminder of our time at the helm of the camp and a feeling of accomplishment when you see something you have worked for be created. But what a long process! The entire journey … Continue reading

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Up to Date

Being successful in the business of camp is really about managing a business that keeps pace with change. The key to success for many camp owners is in their ability to remain open to new ideas about what a camp experience can be. Probably the biggest challenge in managing change is staying on top of your camp’s target market. For example, it is likely that the demand for adult and family camp programming may eclipse the market of the traditional, … Continue reading

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The above word has been coined. It’s a permutation of a proper name, but I won’t divulge the owner of the original name. As you know, sources are to be protected at all costs, regardless of the collateral damage. Anyway, whenever someone does the exact opposite of something requested it’s called (at least here in my office) Lankification, or a form thereof, such as Lankified. Miscommunication and misinterpretation is common and understandable. However, when you’ve provided specific instructions almost to … Continue reading

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Pre-Season Prep + High-Tech Fields

In this article we will examine what you should do to have your athletic fields in top condition prior to a grueling season of sports. Your primary objectives should be to provide safe, playable and aesthetically pleasing fields for your customers. Your mission should then be to “back plan” from that opening day to each activity you need to accomplish in order to make that field the best. This will cause you to do different things to different fields at … Continue reading

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