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No Fear

According to camp legend, a neighboring farmer who owned 100 acres abutting our property, hated our camp. Like all legends, it hadn’t always been that way. For the first sixty years, the farmer, his family and Camp Kern had gotten along smashingly well but, about 20 years ago, something happened (nobody could remember exactly what) and from that day forward, things were no longer, shall we say, neighborly. The irony, of course, was that the camp’s strategic plan listed our … Continue reading

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The Power of Group Partnerships

Partnering with area schools and working to bring their students and teachers to your camp not only adds to your bottom line, but is also a powerful promotional tool which can boost your traditional enrollment and enhance your camp’s image. Bringing The School (Or Class) To Camp Bringing a local school, grade or individual class to camp can be very attractive to teachers and students. After all, you provide plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning experiences (different from what they … Continue reading

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24-Hour Swim-A-Thon

Whether you’re a camper, staff member, family of either or a part of the larger community, there is a multitude of lessons to be learned from the camping experience. Perhaps the most powerful lesson a person can learn is how a group of individuals can work together towards a much greater cause and actually impact the health and welfare of generations of people to come. Campers and camp staff are always encouraged to act respectfully and appropriately and strive to … Continue reading

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The Elevator Speech

You meet a parent in line at the grocery store, and you’re wearing a camp shirt. You’re at a friend’s house for dinner, and a couple you’ve just met says, “So I hear you run a camp!” You overhear your part-time receptionist butcher your camp mission on the phone, and you offer to “take that call” for her. Dozens of times each week, we have a chance to tell a potential customer why our camp could be the most important … Continue reading

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