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Splishing and a Splashing, Squirting and a Spraying

The fourth annual Parks & Rec Business Zero-Depth Interactive Aquatics Playground Report. Zero-depth spray grounds are front and center in the push by parks and recreation departments across North America to upgrade their aquatic facilities. This popular option, which can be developed as a stand-alone park in areas that formerly had no aquatic facilities or used to upgrade an existing pool or water park, is relatively inexpensive to build and operate. And, of course, they’re a lot of fun! To … Continue reading

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Loco for Logos

For those of you who don’t know me, I love logos. If I have a logo, then I have a business. I’m ready to roll. Nobody knows this better then our creative director (and my good friend), Al Holappa. He’s the man who, sometimes single-handedly takes what those of here on the editorial and sales side of the equation give him and turns it into something truly spectacular every month. (This issue is no exception.) He’s also the man I … Continue reading

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Oh So Fine…

During the summer of 2005, the Boone County Parks Department office in Burlington, Kentucky received a strange call. ”I was fishing up there at Camp Ernst Lake and I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my eyes, but I think their trees are turning blue!” There was nothing wrong with the fisherman’s vision. The trees were electric blue, but their transformation had nothing to do with nature. The two (dead) 30-foot trees were group art pieces painted by campers … Continue reading

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Shiny, Neon, Sparkle Crafts


Why make art projects with ordinary construction paper when you can use neon paper and lots of sparkly stickers? Put on your sunglasses and watch campers shine with creativity using these bright-colored supplies. 1. Neon Paper Sculpture: Cut neon paper into various length strips from 3-8 inches long. The width can vary from 1-4 inches. Give each child a piece of bright-colored paper and 8-10 paper strips. Children can decorate the strips with shiny stickers and sequins. Show children how … Continue reading

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What Are You Talking About?

At YMCA Camp Kern, I believe, the success of our camp is directly tied to how aggressively and effectively we network. I think of networking in two ways: 1. Local networking – your community and camp families 2. National networking – your peers and colleagues across the country/world Both are important. Both are learned behaviors. Why Network Locally? One of the most common questions camp directors ask is, “How do I network locally?” But, a better question is, “Why is … Continue reading

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