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Collaborative Programming

Every year we sit down as directors and hope to think up the new idea or program; that one program that will knock the kids off their feet with amazement and fun. The problem, though we do not like to admit it, is that one mind can not think of all the great ideas that can lead to a magical summer for others. Here at Camp Kern, we have learned that collaborative programming can be a great asset, especially in … Continue reading

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Security: Welcome to 2004

Long before the horror of 9/11, camp directors have been addressing issues of security since the inception of organized camping. The tragedy of 9/11 simply shook us into reviewing, updating and improving upon those plans and procedures which had been in effect for generations. Every year, following the guidelines established by the American Camping Association (ACA) and implementing details unique to each facility, camp directors review and train staff in the areas of security, emergency planning, emergency prevention and response, … Continue reading

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Quick Crafts

It’s always nice to tie arts and crafts in with the idea of all that camp entails, rather than doing them to simply fill time or programming space. Here are some interactive craft projects that can be done with inexpensive materials… Story art is a great way to enhance an arts and crafts program, and it’s especially good with young children. There are many ways the activity can be structured. Read to the kids and let them come up with … Continue reading

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Breaking Through

How do you gear up for the first week of camp? Do you live by a to-do list, checking off and adding to the details of what needs to be done? Or, do you use the instinctive approach, working with your staff, talking about last year’s opening and identifying the details that still need attention? However you approach the preparation for the opening of camp, there is one critical element that can get lost in the midst of knocking off … Continue reading

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Incremental Improvement, Part 2

The same kind of positive expectations and word-of-mouth buzz outlined in Part 1 (see Camp Business, March/April) works for program activities and other facilities as well. Here’s a partial list of the yearly improvement projects implemented at Camp Jewell… Related Article: Incremental Improvement, Part 1 New view: Visual memories are some of the strongest, but many of our camps don’t have any “trademark views” that really burn into their campers memories. Jewell was like that, with so many trees you … Continue reading

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