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Dream to Reality

One of the great loves of a camp director is planning for the future in programming and facility development. I have always advised camp directors to make lists and goal sheets and to grow your program with your facility. Recently, I have had two experiences that have helped clarify for me the right way to plan the future of a facility and the camp. Participating as a camping consultant I watched one camp go through its master planning process, and … Continue reading

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Book ‘Em, Danno

Naturally your camp is on the cutting edge as far as safety, staff training and child psychology. But are you on the cutting edge of the latest craft phenomena? Do the terms acid free paper, Flip Flop Fasteners and cropping mean anything to you? Welcome to the world of scrap booking. The New York Times recently stated that “Scrap booking is the fastest growing sector of hobby related industries. The two billion dollar a year industry is expected to grow … Continue reading

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Strength in Diversity

How River Way Ranch Camp has successfully developed a diverse and well-rounded slate of camp and conference offerings. Like a river, River Way Ranch Camp has run its course here and there over varying terrain. The camp, like most rivers, does not meander aimlessly, but with purpose. In its 39 years of operation River Way has gone through various phases and has offered, and still offers, a number of unique programs. Through those years, River Way has used its experience … Continue reading

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Perpetual Motion

Camp owners are always looking to add value to the camp experience. Camps that have added value can easily attract new campers. If the added value is truly delivered, the dividends are usually great pride and loyalty in campers who will want to return year after year. What is added value, really? The answer to this question is usually in meeting the immediate needs of the campers in ways that they consider fun. How can you identify these needs? Camp … Continue reading

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Grass Roots Redux

It’s funny how the grass comes out during an election season… Or so you’d think based on all the grassroots rhetoric that’s pumped out to the electorate. There’s a lot of talk about grass, and roots, but little talk about what it really means. Out here in the Western hemisphere, we’re naturally inclined toward grassroots appeals, since our lives are so dependent on the notion of self government, or government by the people, which is apparently what that whole grassroots … Continue reading

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