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The Incident Command System

Quick Reference Keys to Emergency Planning • Form an Emergency Planning Team (include local responders!) • Conduct a hazard and risk assessment • Mitigate as many hazards as you can • Utilize the Incident Command System (ICS) • Identify training needs and receive training • Develop procedures for each position (under ICS) • Gather needed supplies • Conduct drills • Have multiple off-site evacuation areas • Exercise, train and exercise and train some more! Since the school shootings of the … Continue reading

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I’ve been using the IPDE process since I was about 16. Mention of the process is sure to cause some eye-rolling in my nuclear family — my wife, seven-year-old son and three-year-old daughter (who’s less likely to roll her eyes, but will say, “You’re crazy, Daddy.” To which I reply, “You’re crazier.” Which elicits the response, “No. You’re craziest…” and on and on). This IPDE process is usually described, in detail, when someone says, “Be careful on your drive.” “Of … Continue reading

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Just Peachy

Camp Snapshot Camp Woodmont Cloudland, Ga. Ages: 6-14 Rates: $895-$1,025, two-week terms; $545-$675, one-week term Camp Woodmont owners Jane and Jim Bennett live 125 miles away, and together with their son Tyran and daughter Alyson Gondek have operated the camp long-distance for more than 20 years. Recently, Tyran has been able to realize a long-time goal of living at the camp year-round with his wife Suzy and their two children. Woodmont is located about two hours from Atlanta toward … Continue reading

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